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  3. Why do so many people consider Bloodborne better than Dark Souls 3?

User Info: UnLoco

1 month ago#1
Other than the atmosphere and the lovcraftian theme and the soundtrack I don't think there is any area that Bloodborne is better at than Dark Souls 3, which has:

- A much better boss line up at every stage of the game (start, middle and end).
- Far more build and fashion souls diversity and flexibility.
- Better multiplayer.
- Better level design. Neither game is as interconnected as the original Dark Souls but Dark Souls 3 has the best and most intricate levels in the series.
- Far more repayable.
- Better NPCs and their respective quests.
- Depper combat

Among other things. So what is it that so many thing makes Bloodborne better than this game?

User Info: Adam_Ocelot

1 month ago#2
I prefer D3 to BB, myself.

Not really fond of guns in games anymore, and while they’re not necessary in BB... without them a limited arsenal becomes more limited.


And the CDs... I’ve wanted a boss rush or challenge mode in these games for awhile, so CDs are cool for that... but the dungeons themselves bore me. A little too much slap for the tickle.
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User Info: Drago77

1 month ago#3
I think people like the atmosphere and the change of setting in BB. It also has some of the most iconic boss fights in the series. Other than that, people who got into the series with Bloodborne, will probably prefer that game. Dark Souls 3 is also a sequel, so there is that. Personally, I prefer Dark Souls 3 for the same reasons you mentioned but it's all a matter of preference.

User Info: KDTProjekt

1 month ago#4
-The bosses in dks3 are a mixed bag, imo, same as every other Souls game. It does have my two favorite bosses in the series, but when looked at as a whole, there are less I like or look forward to or enjoy.

-The individual levels in DkS3 are quite well constructed. You could make a case that they're the best in the series. However, the pacing and gating of the game is largely linear. One playthrough is the same as the next. You'll tackle the game in the same order almost every time.

This is due to their matchmaking which required that players progress and upgrade similarly to avoid the issues that were inherent in a system like SM. A byproduct of this is that most of the gear is gated quite far into the game, and as a result, playing how you want from the start makes muling the exception rather than the rule. That....or you wind up using a completely different style than your end-game goal, and then respeccing when you finally get all your toys.

Bloodborne suffered from linearity to a degree as well, but it's paths diverged just as much as DkS3, with the lions share of weapons and armor being available relatively early, lending itself to a more commital form of build construction that could begin far earlier, that for me, at least, provided replay incentive. It also had a "master key" type item and was gated so that only a fraction of bosses needed to be completed to finish higher NG cycles, trimming a lot of the fat and allowing you to get back to where you wanted to be quickly, while retaining access to items you already unlocked.

-Build diversity is largely based on the number of damage stats the game has. DkS3 has one more damage Stat, that's usually neglected. Most Souls games, Bloodborne included, have 4-8 basic archetypes that can be subtley tweaked at meta, but are largely the same, with most "diversity" being gleaned from self imposed limitations and lower levels of play.

-Fashion is subjective. I find most of it in DkS3 ugly as sin.

-NPC's are largely just rehashes of characters already seen in other Souls games, who's "quest lines" consist of "talk to them. Talk to them again. Talk go them again. They will now sit in Firelink selling crap. If you're lucky they'll do one more thing." If you're referring to NPC's like Anri, their "quests" aren't any more complex than someone like Eileen.

-The combat is 95% R1 and O. In both games.

-Overall I find the world/lore of Bloodborne more enjoyable. What was originally planned for DkS3 seemed more intriguing to me, but for some reason they scrapped it and turned it into "Contractual Obligation Souls" with levels, bosses, and concepts that seem largely out of place, and unexplained, coupled with a clusterf*** of retcons and retreads.

Just my two cents. I don't hate DkS3. Just nothing much about it wowed me, and after a few runs, subsequent runs felt more like a chore than a joy, to get to a PvP endgame that was largely passive, boring, and superficial upon scrutiny. I found it disappointingly mediocre as the sum of its parts, with a few parts that stood out, but didn't compensate enough. Again, opinion. I don't disparage people who prefer DkS3, and can understand why they'd find it more enjoyable, largely for an equal mix of subjective and objective reasons. I guess the tl;dr would be: different strokes for different folks?
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User Info: quickbeam

1 month ago#5
Bloodborne is just so incredibly original, while dks3 kind of feels like a cash in.

I do like the atmosphere, lore, setting, tone, and themes in bloodborne a lot more than in dks3 but what really sells it for me is the combat. The trick weapons in bloodborne beat the hell out of dks3’s weapon art system any day of the week. (Bonus points for the fact that wielding the moonlight greatsword has never felt better in a Souls game than it does in bloodborne.) Plus there’s the rally system which incentivizes aggressive play a lot more than dks3’s roll spamming and shield turtling system.

The endgame gem farming gives people a reason to do high level pve content together which is more than I can say for anything from the souls series, the endgames of which revolve exclusively around pvp.

Just last night I was playing through ng+ on my BL150 and was struck by the emotional impact of going through yahargul after defeating Rom. There are hundreds of people which were turned to stone as a result of Micolash’s ritual and you can see the terrified looks on their inert faces, how they’ve attempted to scramble up the sides of buildings, how a mother tries to comfort her child as pure chaos washes over them both. But then when you get enraged by this and want to beat the next monstrosity you see into a bloody pulp the game reminds you that you’re no better than a monster yourself. There’s really just nothing like bloodborne.
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User Info: Juxtapose

1 month ago#6
Bloodborne is a fun game but good lord the framerate is atrocious and don't even get me started on that bell system or how annoying it is to try and make a new build because of the gems.

The Bloodborne board is ass towards content creators from my experience.

Also the PvP scene is only really active at BL 50.. lol! DS3 is still somewhat busy at SL125 in Pontiff 3 years later with tournaments still happening.
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User Info: quickbeam

1 month ago#7
Juxtapose posted...
Bloodborne is a fun game but good lord the framerate is atrocious and don't even get me started on that bell system or how annoying it is to try and make a new build because of the gems.

Also the Bloodborne board is ass towards content creators from my experience.

Gemming a new build isn’t that bad with the advent of false depth chalices. Beat Gascoigne, beat bsb, bam, now you have access to 27.2’s. Although one could argue that having to do all the chalice dungeons over again every time you make a new build actually keeps the co-op alive since the short root ritual chalice is still a thing.

Regarding bloodborne’s pvp...yeah it sucks as far as dueling is concerned. Invasions are hella fun at that BL though.
"A day without friends is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside." -Winnie the Pooh
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User Info: KDTProjekt

1 month ago#8
Juxtapose posted...
The Bloodborne board is ass towards content creators from my experience

Citation needed. In my experience, we tend to be pretty welcoming at best, or seemingly indifferent at worst, pending content, outside of one particular Twitch streamer who's online demeanor and hypocrisy didn't line up with with what he tried to portray on the boards. He also seemed to have an addiction to Yukas' fat Honduran cock in his mouth.
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User Info: ImmortalDragonX

1 month ago#9
I have to agree that I enjoy BB for its atmosphere and aesthetic more than Dark Souls 3. Additionally, its own separate, distinct lore and I absolute adore the trick weapons. A number of which were basically two completely different weapon style packed into one package and most of the others at least having completely different attack styles between forms. I still think very fondly of the Church Pick and Simon's Bowblade.

Great fashion, too. Good bosses (despite camera issues), enemy (nightmare fuel) designs, bloodgem combinations (loved the gems, hated the farm grind).

Honestly, I did not particularly care for the chalice dungeons, as I found them boring and repetitive. They did however offer up a plethora of extra pve content beyond the story campaign.

I didn't partake much of PVP, but frankly, what I have seen of it through personal experience and (mostly) YT vids, it by and large seemed to boil down to "shoot, parry, visceral, dead" play because viscerals would generally do massive amounts of damage and with the right builds (read: skill heavy) you could damn near, if not outright, one shot people with a single visceral. Kinda like DS3's "parry, chaos dagger riposte"...but much easier to pull off.

I just wished you could drop/trade items and/or BB had a respec system, but those are pretty divisive topics. Its usually a love it or hate it thing with these.

But down to brass tacks, as much as I love BB, I play DS3 more for basically one reason and one reason only. I can do far more character and build varieties in DS3 than I can in BB...and that's basically it. It allows me a bit more creative freedom in fashion, stats (sorta), and equipment (weapons and rings) than BB ever could. Plus, I actually can (and sometimes do) participate in PVP in DS3. Plus its easier to both co-op and pvp in DS3. Those things concidered, DS3 probably edges out BB for me...but only slightly.
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User Info: GodsPoison

1 month ago#10
I dunno, bloodborne is more a stand alone game and really shouldnt be compared to Dark souls games. both a great games, but its like comparing an Apple and a pear and saying you have to choose one because its a fruit.
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