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User Info: mullenax91

1 month ago#1
Will I get a good amount of invasions at 110? How bout dueling and being summoned as a blue at 110?

User Info: ffogell

1 month ago#2
Should have no problem at that level

Dueling meta is 125 but for invasion 30 to 150 depending the zone should have activities.

User Info: ImmortalDragonX

1 month ago#3
Oh hell, the Highwall Hunting video I posted a couple days ago was on a 151.
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User Info: mullenax91

1 month ago#4
Cool thanks for the info

User Info: maeve2

4 weeks ago#5
You will not have as much summoning as a Blue Sentinel as when you are under SL30. Nothing even close to it. I was summoned every 10 minutes on PC a couple of moths ago, SL27, WU+1.When you're SL110, summoning as a BS will be a rare occasion.

You can be invaded at Pontiff or the Ringed City, though. There are a lot of invasions.. on PC, at least.

All in all, if you want invasions or cut ears you shall make a low-level twink. All the fun is at low levels. (I'd recommend SL15-27, weapon upgrade+1.)
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