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User Info: Love-Wilcox

3 months ago#11
Those laggy guys that roll catch you with their second swing every single time no matter what you do.
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User Info: johnrayjr

3 months ago#12
Is "parry spam" something that can be hated?

I can't parry for s*** most of the time but it doesn't bother me that some people are good at it.

User Info: INCompl

3 months ago#13
One shot riposte chaos dagger users. You can be dominating the entire fight but if your opponent gets off one lucky parry then you’re gone from full to dead instantly. The regular dagger should honestly be brought below the mail breaker seeing as the latter is literally a dagger meant for ripostes.

User Info: bodyjam_3

3 months ago#14
Juxtapose posted...
Glad to see sorcery taking the lead in this salt contest ;)

Man I have a hard time poking you

User Info: Blak4xis

3 months ago#15
Anyone who uses the quickstep daggers and spams that. Yeah, you can use rope firebombs to catch them, but it's still annoying as hell to go up against.

Surprised people are mad about sorcery. I know having a high upkeep of HSM gives you something to be more alert for but it seems easy enough to deal with so long as you time your rolls right and don't run into another spell.
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