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  3. The vast majority of Dark Souls 3 players are liars. Start leveling past 120.

User Info: LOOOPS

3 months ago#41
My MC is 300 now. Goddamn it takes the piss to level up. I have to kill like 5 bosses for 1 level.
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User Info: Zero280

3 months ago#42
LOOOPS posted...
My MC is 300 now. Goddamn it takes the piss to level up. I have to kill like 5 bosses for 1 level.

This is what I'm currently doing to level it's honestly not too bad.


User Info: MajesticUnicorn

2 months ago#43
Button_Masher_Z posted...
MajesticUnicorn posted...
johnrayjr posted...
riddlebox89 posted...
MajesticUnicorn posted...
People’s builds are NOT based off of Soul Level 120 or 125. Not even close. Far and away the most common soul levels of players are Soul Level 132, 140 and 145? Why, you ask?

Simple answer.

Majority of players don't give a damn about this meta level crap. Community made rules are not real rules, nobody has to abide by them if they don't want to.

It's the same with the "No healing during pvp" thing, that's a community made rule, not a real one.

And those "Rules" were only made up for the pvp crowd, they've got nothing to do with normal players.

Basically this.

But also, as was pointed out above, the Roster is for the Darkmoon covenant, not the Warriors of Sunlight. Darkmoon is well known to have a low and unpredictable summon rate. Just standing around waiting to be summoned is not going to get you anywhere (usually), so I suspect a lot of these players are just playing the game normally in PvE, only being called in once in a while to defend a host.

Does not matter. If you have turned in a token, you appear on the roster of knights. How much of the Dark Souls population that is active would you say is NOT on the roster? If you're going to say something low like 15%, then why is the Roster of Knights not a proper sample?

Sample... You need it to be unbiased.

Basing it on the idea that someone would turn in a proof is a bias. These players may know, or may not know, that turning in an ear may lead to gaining a ring and a spell. These players, one way or another, had to cross an invisible bridge. The sample is not fair, though we don't know what affect it has either.

Moreover, it does not track activity of players, if a character doesn't need DMB or the ring, the player may not add it for that character. Or worse, someone may have gotten there on release, and abandoned the game shortly after turning in a proof.

Hell, there may be a bias towards higher leveled characters, just because "I'm not limiting this one, may as well try to get everything!" While those who limit the level may never want DMB or spell rings at all.

This isn't a good source at all.

Edit: Oh, and you're last comment is looking like you're going to try to shift the burden f proof to someone else, without actually providing your proof. Your data is faulty, you need to support it, or get new data. Nothing anyone can just say will change that.

Disagree. I understand the academic principles you bring up, but basically the sample selection is the sunlight medal turn in. First, it's not like the sample was 200, 500, or even 1,000 players. This is the entire sunlight medal turn in list. And second (this is the alarming thing), the overwhelming majority of players above SL 119 is in the 132 to 145 range. That you dismiss this to even mean anything to you by virtue of the population sample having to have turned in a sunlight medal is intellectually disingenuous. The whole list on the PS4 was audited. You seem to be more interested in a debate than anything else, regardless of the side your on. You just want to "fight" me. You're one of those that finds it fun to be contrarian on the net; i get it.

This is more of an FYI and nothing is up for debate here and there is no reason to believe that SL distributions should be vastly different between people that turned in a Sunlight Medal and those that leveled to at least SL 120 and decided to NOT turn in at least one Sunlight medal.
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User Info: Button_Masher_Z

2 months ago#44

Ok, edit your title and get rid of “start leveling”

You can’t know what the current playerbase is like, as you say, it’s all people who turned in medals.

Including the 99% that haven’t played this game for years.

There’s no reason TO believe they follow that trend. The data is stale.

No, it isn’t just a sample, but it also is biased. You want to start accusing me of lying, then get your s*** straight, remove this topic, and make something presentable, because your dishonesty is in the goddamn title.
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User Info: Man_the_kraut

2 months ago#45
It really isn't that big of a deal.
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  3. The vast majority of Dark Souls 3 players are liars. Start leveling past 120.
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