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User Info: MagickArrow

3 months ago#11
Do you know what it is that keeps me playing these games? The thing that makes other games feel empty?

It’s not just the difficulty or game design, as each of these are good but not necessarily great.

It’s partly the ability to customize a character and challenge the game in different ways.

It’s partly the way the game reacts to you as you approach it in different ways.

But really it’s the online play. I love the random interaction. I love the messages and finding summon signs in different places. I love that someone, a person, could randomly invade me and try to stop my progress. I love defending areas from trespassers. I love helping people beat the bosses that, maybe, they have a real hard time with. I love protecting new players from twinks. I love invading people who are sure they can beat that boss and stopping them on their way, or giving them and their party a deep challenge to overcome. I love the rare occasions that I stop a gank squad, usually with the help of fellow invaders.

Password matching, imo, has lessened some of these amazing qualities, but not enough for me to stop playing.
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User Info: Limelol

3 months ago#12
No. In all honesty, I think it's a silly concept of a game series ruining other games series.
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User Info: KarnRX78

3 months ago#13
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User Info: SirHeiska

3 months ago#14
I play different type of games for different needs without any issues.

User Info: Fudanshi

3 months ago#15
No not really.

The games aren't that good.
It's still far too slow for my liking.

Bloodborne was overall, significantly better but the bosses were some of the worst, boring and easiest I've ever played in any game ever.
I die more to Bowser in Yoshie's Island for the SNES then I do to any of the bosses in BB.

I haven't gotten that far in Nioh.
I really don't like the fact I have to play as a super macho man, and that the female costumes are crazy expensive, especially for players who don't have PS+.
I am glad the sequel is changing that.

I still think games like Kingdom Hearts are better and more difficult than the From Software games, and overall, just far superior in every aspect.

Looking forward to Code Vein a lot.
Love the art style, and the bosses look superb.
It'll most definitely be my favorite Souls game.
It's not even out yet and I still have had a better time with it than with any of the Souls games.

It's rare a game gets delayed by such a long time, when it was so close to release, so I am looking forward to see how much the game will be changed by release.

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User Info: Vanguard666

3 months ago#16
From games is it’s own thing, but no, it doesn’t devalue other games for me, I’ll just set the difficulty if anything

User Info: eloepp

3 months ago#17
sorta for me TC. I was "spoiled" for a long time. For me Souls does have some of the best controls/combat of any game. I also love the atmosphere, right up my ally. Everything about the games really...I wouldn't say I'm a "fanboy", but for me personally they are exactly what I want in a game. For some that might be TW3, or Mario. To each their own.

I'm getting more and more used to playing other games again though and less picky.

Also I'd highly recommend GoW, and this is coming from, duh, a huge Souls fan. I thought it would feel shallow like most other games but it is really, really good. To me it is like Souls. I know some will disagree but I'll hold my opinion on that. For me it satisfies me in the same way.

User Info: Snake99001

3 months ago#18
I got into the Souls games much later than most people (started with Bloodborne and once I was hooked went back and played all of them in order of release) and originally I felt exactly the same way. I must have platinumed all games within less than a year I was so addicted.

Nowadays I simply appreciate different games for different reasons. Yes, From games give you something that others games lack but also if every game was like a From game things would get stale quickly. Sometimes you just wanna play a game to relax and not think too hard. Sometimes you just wanna hold down R2 and feel like Spider-Man you know what I'm saying?
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User Info: johnrayjr

3 months ago#19
I love the Souls games but no.

User Info: MajesticUnicorn

3 months ago#20
Dark Souls actually has a very good story. I think what you mean to say is that the story isn’t told conventionally.
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