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  3. FROM needs to ban disconnectors

User Info: gotexas872

4 months ago#71
KDTProjekt posted...
gotexas872 posted...
I'm guessing they do but just don't care too much. Like someone mentioned, it would probably diminish their player base using logical measures.

I think it's more that most AAA game developers aren't gamers themselves. Creating a game and playing games is mutually exclusive. Various concepts that might seem natural to a gamer, with experience in the wild, may not be so obvious to a developer, who while talented, is creating a product to various specifications to the best of their ability. From is also guilty, like most developers, of having a very large disconnect from their audience. There are rudimentary anti-cheat protocols in place, but the game was also in development during a time period where it was assumed that console versions would remain "hack proof" indefinitely.

As such, many failsafes weren't even necessary, and adding them in after becomes weighing if it's worth the cost to patch the game and go through a certification process vs if it will cost any new consumers if they fail to even bother. Unless the issues are game breaking, and/or occur in the crucial first few months of a game launch, most devs will opt for the latter.


s*** so what you're telling me is that we are not even close to gaming pinnacle in our life time. I think Soul games are top tier though.
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User Info: SSaiyaman

4 months ago#72
riddlebox89 posted...
And what if the power or internet go out multiple times within a short period of time? Or if their connection isn't all that great and they keep getting disconnected? It isn't impossible for that to happen.

Banning people for disconnecting is a terrible idea, there's way too many factors that make it impossible to tell whether the disconnection was on purpose or something outside of their control.

This used to happen to me in other games at my old place. Most times it'd be ok, but some nights I'd just keep getting disconnected like it was going out of style.

I usually play offline anyway, because f*** From's jank-ass connectivity even with a godlike connection, but it's definitely not something that an autobot (roll out!) should handle.
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