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User Info: ThePenitentOne

3 months ago#1
Can anyone tell me what game would you say is best of all?

Demons souls

Dark souls 1

Dark souls 2

Dark souls 3

User Info: tearast

3 months ago#2
ThePenitentOne posted...
Can anyone tell me what game would you say is best of all?

Demons souls

Dark souls 1

Dark souls 2

Dark souls 3

Dark Souls 2 due to the build variety and strategic combat, then Dark Souls 1 for the map design. Dark Souls 3 last since they basically turned it into a Diablo-esque hack-n-slash game for the most part.

User Info: KDTProjekt

3 months ago#3
Dark Souls 1 for being a flawed masterpiece greater than the sum of it's parts, followed by DeS. Dark Souls 3 is a linear sight seeing tour devoid of spice, and Dark Souls 2 has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
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User Info: Limelol

3 months ago#4
DkS1 and DkS3 for me.

As for which I enjoy more, it depends on my mood. There are so many different reasons to why I like both of them.
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User Info: MagickArrow

3 months ago#5
That’s tough...

Des has an atmosphere that was never captured in dark souls

I’d still say ds3 though. I love the weapons, armor, ai and spells the most.

Bloodborne is actually my favorite, but it wasn’t on the list.
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User Info: D3AthByLauGht3r

3 months ago#6
It would have to be 2. Duel-Wielding was the coolest thing in this game. (Loved using dual Smelter Swords)

Never cared for Demon's Souls. PvP was boring since everyone spammed Darkmoon Grass. There was also no point in doing Co-op since the game is too easy. (really annoying how most of the bosses can be cheesed with a Bow).

Dark Souls became obsolete to me once Dark Souls II came out.

Dark Souls III is probably my second favorite though. Especially when invading a gank squad. It is crazy fun when you get the drop on a bunch of guys and start laying a smack down before they even know what happened.
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User Info: LILDOOP

3 months ago#7
DS3, more variety with the inclusion of WA's, also Midir is the coolest boss ever.

DS1 is my second favorite, it is almost perfect and amazingly fun, bosses are a little easy however.

DS2, I don't own it yet; I plan to buy it soon so I can make Griffith (Berserk).
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User Info: SlajifrasH045

3 months ago#8

they got better as they went

DkS2 lasts over twice as long so that's something to consider too
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User Info: INCompl

3 months ago#9
Depends on what you enjoy most about the series. DS1 has the best world in the series but only a few good bosses and very exploitable PvP (especially before the remaster which brought weapon matchmaking). DS2 has good PvP, a lot of build variety, and some decent DLC areas. DS3 has the most consistently good bosses in the series and mostly functional PvP. Haven’t played DeS so I can’t say anything about that game. I’m personally torn between DS1 and DS3. If you had the world from DS1 and the bosses from DS3 you’d have as close to a perfect game as humanly possible in my opinion.

User Info: MajesticUnicorn

3 months ago#10
DS2 for sure.
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