How does the Coop work

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User Info: workshygit

3 months ago#1
I’ve completed dark souls 3 and advised my buddy to get it can I help him as I’ve already completed it or does he have to complete the level before I can join him

User Info: MagickArrow

3 months ago#2
Just pick a password and set it in the menu. You can then use your white soapstone to leave a summon sign only he can see in the area he is in. It actually will work quicker if you have all the areas completed already cause you'll only have to help him beat it and warp to the next spot, instead of having to complete the level in both your worlds. Just remember he has to be in ember mode to see your sign.
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User Info: workshygit

3 months ago#3
Cheers dude

User Info: Yedokai

3 months ago#4
Remember that once your friend fights the boss of an area, they will no longer be able to co-op in that area. So before you beat the boss, if there are any parts of the level you still want to explore together, any challenges you want to beat, don't beat the boss!
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User Info: workshygit

3 months ago#5
Ok thanks

User Info: Button_Masher_Z

3 months ago#6
Also be aware that you can be invaded, and that if you play smart, they can be made to have a huge disadvantage against you. I mean, you can get invaded with low estus left, but that’s part of playing smart, is finding out how to conserve it. Since you already know how to play against the enemies, you can afford to take a little attention away from them to watch the invader and your host. Still focus on pve if the invader is trying to use that against you, but if you have to disengage from an enemy to stop an invader from beating down on your host, do so. Do that religiously. Against even well prepared invaders, you can bat them away until you nearly beat the level. Don’t get too aggressive, because invaders thrive on people diving into horrible situations.

If you wait at a safe location, some invaders will wait for you. That bores everybody. Sure, you don’t owe the invader anything, but surely it’s more fun to try and fail than it is to do nothing for a half-hour. Especially since dying to or killing the invader will protect you from the next invader in all but two areas.

Have fun!
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User Info: The_Observer

3 months ago#7
Your friend also has to be embered to be able to summon you.
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