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User Info: ImmortalDragonX

6 months ago#11
Caestus of the Soul

Magic Fist Weapon

Str 8 (D) Dex 10 (D) Int 15 (C) (C/C/A at +5, uses Twinkling titanite)

AR is 25% Physical damage, 75% Magic damage.

R1: Standard fist weapon moveset.

R2: Straight punch. Fully charged attack causes an explosion of magic that can hit multiple foes in front. Can knock down small foes (including other player characters) with a medium chance and stagger larger enemies with a smaller chance.

L1 (off-hand): Standard fist weapon moveset.

L2 (off-hand): Magic Parry (parries spells and physical blows)

L1 (2-hand): Standard fist weapon 2H moveset.

L2 (2-hand): Soul Claws. Enters weapon art stance. R1 combo: Horizontal right to left slash with right hand, horizontal left to right slash with left hand, simultaneous horizontal double slash with both hands (L-R with right, R-L with left). All attacks have an arc, making it easier to hit multiple foes in front. R2 (can be charged): Double diagonal slash with both hands (high right to low left with right, high left to low right with left) that creates a short range X-shaped energy projectile. Size and travel distance is dependent on how long R2 is held down (up to maximum, which automatically releases attack).
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User Info: BigBadBastich

6 months ago#12
A Fire Greatsword that’s actually remiscinet if Gwyns weapon in DS1.

User Info: Ghannos

6 months ago#13
UGS with the art like MHW GS tackle, little built in perseverance on it. Follow up R1 would be a thrust, R2 would be a golf swing.

User Info: pinkytheyoshi

6 months ago#14
Smough's Greathammer

same stats as normal

Weapon art:Executioner stance

Stance R1: An unparriable version of charge.

Stance R2: Buttslam of devestation.

User Info: MagickArrow

6 months ago#15
Looking at the design works picture of the fallen knight I had a thought. In the picture he is shown holding a sword with another on his back, wouldn't it be great to have these weapons as a dual wield straight sword and greatsword with scabbards on the characters back?!

Fallen Knight Swords
Str18 C
Dex20 A

Right hand wields straight sword with thrusting strong attacks

Left hand wields greatsword, l1 slashes right hand sword horizontal left to right followed by downward smash with left sword, second input double sword slash Right to left, third input is a right hand horizontal slash left to right and a left hand thrust. Continued input repeats 2nd and 3rd inputs.

Weapon art is the Lucerne spin using only the greatsword (alternate: stomp with the spinning follow up)
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