Did you abuse The Master to kill Dancer of Boreal Valley?

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  3. Did you abuse The Master to kill Dancer of Boreal Valley?

User Info: wecantaim

2 years ago#1
I did, for my dancer Cosplay character. I wanted to have dancer's stuff ASAP, so I took the safest route.

User Info: Godly_Goof

2 years ago#2
First time no. Second time yes.
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User Info: Faliz18

2 years ago#3
No, the dancer is easy as f***. She barely even attacks the first phase and the second you can just stay close and nothing hits you except the spin attack.
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User Info: kackbleks

2 years ago#4
Faliz18 posted...
No, the dancer is easy as f***. I beat her no problem with my SL150 pyro build
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User Info: nelsonnico

2 years ago#5
No, got her on my first try (was a bit overleveled I think, lvl 70 i think).

User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#6
The master? wut?

User Info: RE_expert44

2 years ago#7
No. But I was way way over level so it wasn't hard

User Info: ShadowEspionage

2 years ago#8
No, ruins the fun of one of the best boss fights in the game.
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User Info: Rafedx

2 years ago#9
What? I didn't know about this.

So no I didn't use it the 2 times I have fought the Dancer.
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User Info: askinywhiteguy

2 years ago#10
What is The Master?
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  3. Did you abuse The Master to kill Dancer of Boreal Valley?

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