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synchroscheme 5 years ago#1
I can get past the first phase with no trouble, but getting 2-shot pretty easily (with the lightning-resist ring equipped) in phase 2.

I'm level 55, I believe. Recently beat Champion Gundyr as well, which took me a while, but I had less trouble with him as I am with this guy. Trying to do all optional stuff before continuing on with Lothric castle, since that looks to be the final area.

Tips and suggestions are welcome, but I have a feeling it might just be me needing a bit more practice with him.
SaintRuzai 5 years ago#2
He's a lot easier using a long-range set up (i.e. INT-based, or using a bow like Dragonrider). After enough practice, his first phase becomes a joke, and his second phase just requires memorization of what attacks require instant or delayed dodging, since the window's pretty strict.

I did it at 75 with both my characters though.
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Tsurugi 5 years ago#3
If your doing decent damage then your fine (like at least 300 with a UGS) .

he pretty much 2 hits anyone regardless of lvl with his attacks (well maybe like 3 if u have 1100-1200 hp, including rings)
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HyperShadow4321 5 years ago#4
I don't think it really matters what level you are. It never really does if you can survive getting hit and learn the attacks.

That said though, 55 seems kinda low. I've done a lot of dicking around, backtracking, and sunbro-ing though. I didn't discover the area until I was a bit higher level.
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AKAUnreal05 5 years ago#5
man, i was sl88 when i got there..
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LOOOPS 5 years ago#6
Level doesn't really matter if you've been progressing normally. I would recommend however that you get 27 Vigor at least (the softcap on health) and do literally everything else in the game first, because he is the hardest boss.
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TyeDye115 5 years ago#7
81 when I finally beat him solo. Was still a two hit kill on me
synchroscheme 5 years ago#8
For what it's worth, my vigor is at 27 and I'm doing 174 per hit while 2-handing a +9 estoc.
I've been purposefully spending my souls on junk up to this point in order to not over-level, so maybe I'm due for some levels.

But based on what's been said, and looking at what's been giving me trouble, I probably just need to spend more time learning his attack patterns. The fast swings paired with the delayed wind-ups are really weird to wrap my head around very awkward to time my dodges (as well as my heals).

I might throw the slab I found earlier on my estoc but I figure if I'm barely getting past his 90% mark, then I'm just too inexperienced with him.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
synchroscheme 5 years ago#9
Bit of an update: Tried him again today and finally got him.

A few tips for those who might still need them:

If you can get him to even just his first stagger where you can do a "visceral attack", then you can beat him; the fight snowballs from there in your favor. The one thing that screwed me over constantly was the stab attack where he raises his lance over his shoulder which is timed slightly slower than his regular 2-hit swings, or even his dashing attacks, so I ended up rolling into it a lot of the time and then failing to recover from it.

He gets a few new attacks when his health is lowered but the timing for dodging them is fairly obvious, except for when he raises his lance into the sky where the lightning bolt falls after the initial spark from his lance, not during(about a half-second or so).

Most of the difficulty came from having to spend 1-2 minutes (at least for me, in melee) getting through the initial phase just to get bopped by the real fight before you get to learn anything. The learning process for the fight would have been much faster if they had let you skip phase 1 since it becomes trivial very quickly. Can't complain though, it's easily one of the best boss fights for me thus far.
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