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User Info: pigskin94

2 years ago#271
Since this is V2 where the hell is V1 then?
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User Info: AlexSobecki

2 years ago#272
pigskin94 posted...
Since this is V2 where the hell is V1 then?

Deleted because this version was more complete?
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User Info: 123patapon

2 years ago#273
First time I log in ages, just wanted to say thank you to DeathGodGarra for the guide, helped me enjoying a satisfying spoiler-free and regret-free run. It was exactly what I needed, gave me all the pointers in a quick concise manner and still left me free to explore the game on my own. Much appreciated, blessings of the moon upon you.

User Info: Psyrus

2 years ago#274
Patches will save Greirat at Irithyll if you didn't buy Siegward armor. You can also activate the fire of Irithyll dungeon and then give Siegward armor at Cleansing chapel, Siegward will appear in the kitchen and you can continue his quest just as normal.

User Info: Low Rida

Low Rida
2 years ago#275
Many thanks!
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User Info: Arjento

1 year ago#277
Thanks for this I'll be sure to go through this when I go into NG+.

Will there be a verison for the DLC's?
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User Info: angelkay16

1 year ago#278
Interesting read :)
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User Info: Principian

1 year ago#279
The whole Greirat questline is rather annoying. It's one that either requires luck to get right or a guide. How else would the player know that a certain progression into one area rather than another will get the little **** killed?
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#280
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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