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    HazelrahFirefly posted...
    I've a question folks, and forgive me if this is obvious:

    Does following this guide equate to completing all npc quests 100%? Is that even possible?

    If not, what's more important is getting all the rings and gestures they can reward for the trophies; does this guide lead me to that?

    It's impossible to get all the rings in one playthrough, you need to go up to NG++, so I'd say just go for the silvercat ring in NG, then do the gestures achievement in NG+.

    More specificaly, the Proper Bow gesture from Heysels white phantom summon can ONLY be gotten before fighting the abyss watchers but AFTER giving a Pale Tongue to Rosaria, and doing that will break Sirris quest, making it impossible to get the silvercat ring in that playthrough.