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User Info: Arcvalons

2 years ago#1
dat spam
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User Info: RetroNutcase

2 years ago#2
He's a stupid RNG boss, yes, but he's beatable. It just requires patience and some form of quick range attack (Throwing knife, farron dart, etc) for phase 2. Also, being good at dodge rolls.

If you're absolutely stuck on him, I guess I could try switching to the PS4 version for a bit (Yay for having to have two versions of the game because my friends are in two playerbases) and help you. Or if you just want a general strategy I could give my 2 cents on how to kill him.
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User Info: shaunofthedead3

2 years ago#3
If you think he is hard you might want to level up,easiest boss I have fought yet!
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User Info: bibfortuna25

2 years ago#4
Definitely the easiest boss in the game so far. Attack the purple one, ignore the others.
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User Info: keybladeXIII

2 years ago#5
You just have to be quick and aggressive with this one. I beat it in two tries.

User Info: RubixPube2113

2 years ago#6
Wait until you See this guy again in the archives
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User Info: BraySkater

2 years ago#7
Took me a couple of tries but i just beat him. I found the first phase easy, and my strategy for the second phase was to dodge spells and take out all the clones before going in for damage on the sage. Never stop moving. Good luck! :)
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User Info: Faliz18

2 years ago#8
Arc pls
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User Info: Oddrat

2 years ago#9
People actually find this guy tough? I thought he was one of the easier bosses. I literally just rushed him down and spammed R1. The key is to be really aggressive and stay on the move.

User Info: ManuKesna

2 years ago#10
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