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User Info: Max58201

1 year ago#111
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User Info: PainAmplifier

1 year ago#113
Last post on farming these stupid Proofs, as I am finally done with the damn things.

Using Rusted coins I have a 310 Item discovery rate, I use one coin per 2 knights since I want to be sure the effect is active for both kills and I'm not sure if the effect will wear off before I can make both kills in my second run. The cost of coins is negligable due to the souls you get from the knights and the gear they drop.

I only paid passing attention to my starting proofs and I did some testing with farming the red eye knight, so these numbers aren't exactly 100% but close enough. I Started with 610 Rusted coins, added 100 more later in the run, but got that final one a bit early, so final count was 586 rusted coins used. That's 1172 Knights killed, and lets say average 45-50 second per run. (Hidden weapon will wear off at rebuff, Dark Blade 10-15 seconds later.) Looking at my previous post, it looks like I needed 21 proofs when I started using the coins. So 21 / 1172 = ~1.79% drop rate. And at 50 sec per run, 586 runs, thats around a total of 8 hours to farm the remaining proofs...absolutely terrible compared to all the other covenants. (Even with the bad run of luck in the Mound Makers items I had.)

I'm don't think there is a way to shave much more time off each run. Altering my buffs and equipment could reduce the # of swings from 2-3 to 1-2, but the change in positioning and attacks, didn't reduce the movement distance or kill times enough to make a noticable difference in the total time per run. It seems like the only feasable way to make farming this covenant faster is to raise your Item discovery rate. This means a respec for more Luck, of which I only had 10, and/or planning ahead to use a boss soul to get the Crystal Sage's Rapier instead of the Crystal Hail sorcery for the trophy like I did. Or use the +2/+3 Gold Serpent rings if you are in NG+/+ modes already. (I am only in NG)
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User Info: ninjaman44

1 year ago#114
PainAmplifier posted...
That's s*** you should have covered in more detail in your initial post if it wasn't already.

User Info: Gamechive

1 year ago#115
Here's a listing of all Covenants & Rewards that I've put together on my channel. Enjoy!



- Aldrich Faithful Covenant: Location, Human Dregs & Rewards

- Blue Sentinels & Blade of the Darkmoon Covenants: Locations, Gesture, Proofs & Rewards

- Mound-makers Covenant: Location, Red Eye Orbs, Vertebra Shackles & Rewards

- Rosaria's Fingers Covenant: Location, Red Eye Orbs, Pale Tongues & Rewards

- Spears of the Church Covenant: Location, Filianore's Spear Ornaments, Items & Rewards

- Warrior of Sunlight Covenant: Location, Red Eye Orbs, Sunlight Medals & Rewards

- Watchdogs of Farron Covenant: Location, Wolf's Blood Swordgrass & Rewards
The Gamechive YouTube Channel:

User Info: Estifiithous

1 year ago#116
If no one sees this post and replies to it within 24 hours, I win.
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User Info: GuerrillaGunz

1 year ago#117
Estifiithous posted...
If no one sees this post and replies to it within 24 hours, I win.

I saw it! Just now...

User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#118
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: KarmaMuffin

1 year ago#119
gwwak posted...

User Info: danutzsrl

10 months ago#120
Hello, very good information, thank you for sharing!
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