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User Info: Voragoras

2 years ago#131
Papi_of_Corn posted...
To those who also had problems with Amazom, call them. I called them today and got $25 off due to the screw up.
I've contacted them and they've refused me a refund because it happened to a lot of people.

Screw that, though. What a vacuous excuse. "We can't treat you fairly because otherwise we'll have to treat everyone fairly".
"actually its about ethics in video game journalism" - Hitler, probably.

User Info: Bucketfeet

2 years ago#132
Man.... this blows. How is it fair that I've pre-ordered this since LAST June in good faith that I'll recieve the game on release. Yet my friend who didn't pre-ordered it walks into best buy today, buys it and is playing it while I'm sitting here scratching my butt.
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User Info: Mwulf

2 years ago#133
Got my copy today. Pre-ordered in October. Honestly, I'd have much rather gotten it a week late and $25 cheaper, and not just because my game arrived in six pieces.
"...Blame this on the misfortune of your birth."
-Char Aznable

User Info: strider_123

2 years ago#134
bump i still haven't gotten mine
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