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User Info: Lintfosho

1 year ago#1
I am a newb to this game. All I have played is up to level 10 on an official server. Those servers are just crazy if your all alone. Wont try that again.

I would like to get into a long term, newb friendly game. I don't mind a little PvP when conflicts arise but killing other players just for the hell of it is annoying. I do have a mic and can be on it off and on but not 100% of the time because I do have 3 kids that tend to make a lot of noise so I generaly keep my mic muted to save the rest of the players from having to hear it.

Any server out there that would fit these needs? Please contact me on LIVE as I don't really check these boards all that much. My gamertag is: TooOld4ThisBS

XBox One: Lint1987

User Info: Omen2006

11 months ago#2
Add me GT peacemaker60. News as well but I want to get into it now that it officially released.

User Info: LethalJNR

11 months ago#3
Add ARK SERVER HOST and join in progress :) settings are a lot easier than official servers
Xbox Gamertag : II SITHIS II

User Info: Lintfosho

11 months ago#4
Found myself a good server, thanks!
XBox One: TooOld4ThisBS
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