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  3. God I forgot how trash this game was

User Info: geertmatthys

3 months ago#1
Did a reinstall and an hour of gameplay before uninstalling again. Cancer graphics, runs like dogpoop on xbox x and garbage mechanics, use straightsword vs everything. Never uninstalled Dark Souls 2, did a full play just a month ago too. This game is a tragedy.

User Info: shads3055

3 months ago#2
The surge I hear is better. How come we never got bloodborn. Wasn’t that supposed to be good. I’m tempted to get dark souls 3 on sale but I might skip it since I’m trying surge and might get the ok looking dead cell game.

User Info: simonbelmont2

3 months ago#3
I love the game and I still play it from time to time.

I've never really understood why some people dislike the game so much. Level design is decent, it has enemy variety, plenty of good loot although I wish it had more fist type weapons etc. I also like the NPCs and I enjoy doing their quests.

It has flaws but imo it's not a bad game at all especially when taken on its own merits.
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User Info: Hades192

3 months ago#4
Bloodborne is why I didn’t like DS3 much. I’ve burnt myself out playing Bloodborne that DS3 had to really be something special to regain my attention.

I’ve spent near a hundred hours give or take so I do enjoy it but I find myself gravitating towards Bloodborne when I do wanna play.

User Info: DolemiteXP

3 months ago#5
Exact opposite for me. I just reinstalled this cause I recently reinstalled and almost immediately deleted Bloodborne. I went through that game and dlc once and just can't bring myself to play it again it's so meh. Dark Souls however will always get a complete playthrough from me when I start a new character. BB was so overrated.
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User Info: RokStar9000

2 months ago#6
All of the Souls games had lackluster gameplay and could be easily beaten by abusing faster weapons. The true difficulty and challenge comes from challenging yourself. Hell, PvE is lackluster when compared to PvP whether you’re a duelist or invader.

And no. Gankers don’t count as PvP players.
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  3. God I forgot how trash this game was