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  3. Screwed up my no kill run, now what?

User Info: rogueleader_92

2 years ago#1
I'm doing the royal conservatory and some how killed someone without knowing and did a crap job with my saves so now I'm screwed, can/should I just switch to a high chaos to at least get that achievement?
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User Info: joyce_181502

2 years ago#2
That level has a bug regarding knocking out the starting right-side alley witches. No matter what you do, using the machine later in the level marks them as deaths -- if you leave them be, the machine knocks them out for you.

So, you can make a new save and switch to high chaos -OR- possibly wait for the next patch.

The next patch supposedly allows you to do level restart (and/or level select back to levels you have already completed -- aka just complete that level 5 and then have the patch let you replay that level instead of having to do level 4 over).

I think the next patch is next week / end of this month.

User Info: Sneaky Assassin

Sneaky Assassin
2 years ago#3
The witches were fixed last time round as I didn't get any deaths on it, it must of been a random death of an NPC, rats/blood flies could of killed them.

User Info: The_N8dog

2 years ago#4
If you know where your bodies are, you can check them before and after u hit the switch. for me it was 2 witches in the entryway area. Moving their bodies onto the boat before hitting switch saved them. Not sure why it worked but it did. Helps to have the area cleared out to move them too.
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  3. Screwed up my no kill run, now what?
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