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  3. Way harder than the first in the series?

User Info: RickGotti

2 years ago#1
I'm only on 3rd level. I loved the first game & completed in 3 times. This one here is kicking my ass. The guard are spotting me left & right & I'm trying to stay in the shadows & move slowly, but they're not having it. No complaints at this point. I may later though. Hahaha

User Info: The_N8dog

2 years ago#2
Staying hidden is harder, but I think a high chaos run will be easy. So many ways to kill
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User Info: gameflak

2 years ago#3
Yeah; especially devouring swarm with the larger swarm upgrade. Easy mode for high chaos playthroughs.
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User Info: snoognz123

2 years ago#4
You get spotted easier in this one, leaning doesn't mean they will not see you, despite saying so in the tutorial. I had to learn to play different from the first one but once you get used to it you feel powerful again.
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  3. Way harder than the first in the series?
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