Master Key Chapter 7 *spoilers*

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User Info: a123454321

1 year ago#1
So did anyone else find the master key without using a guide? I spent about 2 hours in the mansion looking everywhere before giving up and using a guide. Such an easy place to miss it aswell!

Doesnt make any sense why the key would be there. I was looking on tables, in draws, safes etc where sensible people leave a key, not on a chair

User Info: Shotgunnova

1 year ago#2
I think there's a lobby note that mentions the key-holding guard is in the dining room. One of the guards in the great hall (past) carries a duplicate, though.
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User Info: LordTrinen

1 year ago#3
I honestly don't remember how I found the key my first playthrough. Know I got it but maybe I got it off a guard instead of finding it on the chair?

User Info: Giant_Aspirin

1 year ago#4
didn't find it but i managed to find everything important (charms, runes, etc) w/o it
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