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User Info: dunn_dolo_4life

2 months ago#1
So even after the numerous warnings that this was the WORST tales game and all that, I still decided to try it just to knock it off my missing tales games list. I still have Graces, Xilla, Xilla 2 and Arise. dont have a ps3 though so I dont think I can do the first 3 though. (Sad face)

I can say it honestly isnt that bad. So far I am at the area where Sorey has to solo this mini arena or whateva by himself. Im bad with area names but I do know its right after you fight the Knight miniboss and he tells you the sob story about the church and s***.

Anyway the biggest complaints I have seen do seem to be valid. The camera during battle is just Gawd awful. If you get an enemy in the corner and try attacking the camera does this stupid close up thing where it damn near focus the whole battles on soreys feet and it sucks royally. I dont consider it deal breaking just cuz its not all battles or most of them. It is a good amount though so I understand the criticism.

The other complaint I think is valid is this whole equipment system. This is wayyyyyyyy too grindy and over complicated for no reason. Im not even a fan of Berseria but I can say they did it way better. IMO Zestiria was most likely a test run and they fine tuned it in Berseria. Either way I can see this being a reason to quit the game but Im doing what I can with it and seeing just how far I can go with my limited understanding of it. Maybe later on in the game when enemies are harder, I may change my stance on this.

A third gripe that may be just my personal issue is that there doesnt seem to be a dedicated healer like in most tales games. So far I think Mickelo and Edna are the only ones with a heal ability but they barely use it so it gets kind of annoying when you have to rely almost entirely on items for keeping your hp safe.

So far those are the only really problems I have found. Other than that I have honestly enjoyed the rest of Zestiria. Sorey has been pretty ditsy most of the game but I did love his "Savage Sheperd" moments. The skits have been hilarious which is a plus. I normally hate the "b****y for no reason female troupe" but Edna is so hilarious that Im glad she is part of the cast. Granted I may not be that far in the game and things could get much worst later, but I dont think Zestiria is the worst game in the series.

I still think that title belongs to Tempest with Dawn of the new world being 2nd worst. I wouldnt put Zestiria in the top 5 for sure but I think it would definitely be in a top 10.
"PSA: people die when they are killed" - ineedsearch

User Info: Outlivethem

2 months ago#2
Berseria and Zestiria just have different equipment systems. Berseria tries to be mostly random. Zestiria offers actual customization but is poorly explained and can easily get too grindy.

Every seraph has a healing ability, and Armatus has OP heal you can use for 1 BG. For the rest set up your characters better with the strategy menu or use heal yourself with Armatus if you don't trust the AI.

Lastly, most top 10 best/worst Tales games are plain subjective and s***ting with entries that so blatantly received less budget and care (to the point of being demoted and kick out of the main series afterwards) is just not interesting. Most people just never touched Tempest anyway, I rarely ever heard an actual criticism on the plot or the gameplay that one couldn't figure out watching a video of the game.

Anyway, no Zestiria isn't that bad. People used to have reasons to be very pissed at the game tho. Those reasons are little to none of your concern nowadays, so just take it like another entry and get the most out of it. If it makes you smile and have fun, that's a win and that's great for you.

User Info: Vhanzy

2 months ago#3
It can be grindy if you want game breaking builds but there are gears that provides enough bonus skill without touching basic skill placement.

Like rose for example
She can equip 2 weapons that provide bg with dress and boots that provide another set of combo chains
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