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User Info: aylablue

2 months ago#1
Is there a guide with in-depth info on the Grade mechanics for Zestiria? For example, I just fought the boss at the end of the prologue twice, and got the "Defeated a powerful enemy without using items" bonus both times, first time got 10.25 grade for it, and the second time got 2.25. Shouldn't it be the same since it's the same boss? And if not, what would cause such a huge drop?

Thanks in advance for any insight!
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User Info: Magnati

2 weeks ago#2
What was the combo situation in both? And did anyone die in the second case?
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User Info: Outlivethem

1 week ago#3

A discussion about Grade calculation: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/740217-tales-of-zestiria/72996790
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