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  3. Does anyone else prefer using the Seraphs as fighters instead of casters?

User Info: Eretrad

5 months ago#1
I know the general consensus seems to be the Seraphs should be in the back slinging spells.

I'm on my third playthrough right now (Hard for Bosses, Chaos for everything else) cleaning up some trophies and such. After poking around my artes menu I noticed all my Seraphs had almost no martial artes usage. Deciding to change this up so I can get some usage counters up, I'm finding myself having a much, MUCH easier time.

To be clear, I've got x6 exp and 36 skills turned in for 100% double skills. Just arrived in Lastonbell on this playthrough. But considering I haven't farmed for any skills yet, and how terrible I am at the combat in this game, I'm rolling through areas I was seriously struggling with when I had Lailah, Meebo, and Edna on "engage from afar."

Power hits are everywhere, entire enemy groups are being juggled 90% of the fight, all healing done from quick activate/release armatizations, BG recovery is way faster, damage taken has dropped significantly, damage done seems to be comparable.

I'm kind of curious how this would work on a fresh run. What do you guys think?

User Info: Hommedaction

5 months ago#2
I'm convinced that at least Lailah is supposed to be played in melee range.
Half of her spells require you to be close to the enemy to use them.
Similarly, whacking people with your umbrella is the best way to get some milleage out of Edna's trigger spells.

The boys do work as pure casters though, even though some of Mikleo's artes (Ice Lance especially) require him to be somehow close to the target to hit and one of Zaveid's biggest spell brings the enemies closer to him.

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User Info: Eretrad

5 months ago#3
Lailah can juggle a pretty large area of enemies so I'm inclined to think you're right. That delay of hers also becomes negligible when you've got 3 other people fighting next to her. It's pretty insane watching her power hit/juggle 5-6 enemies.

Edna can stunlock just about anything for awhile, even on AI.

Mikleo does seem like he's supposed to be a caster I'll agree, but I'm still surprised at how effective he is at melee though.

Dezel/Zaveid I haven't used long enough on melee to have an opinion yet. I'll post once I've got a few hundred battles under my belt.

On Chaos enemies tend to scatter as soon as the battle starts too, which makes spell casting frustrating to watch until you've cleared out an enemy or two. Four melees seems to keep the groups tighter. It also makes it easier to shutdown those fairy/undead mages.

User Info: Eretrad

5 months ago#4
I'm wrapping up this playthough soon, but here are my thoughts.

Lailah and Edna I definitely prefer on Close Combat using martial artes.

Mikleo and Dezel/Zaveid are debatable for me. If I'm using both of them together, I think having one of them casting spells might be better than both on close combat.

Lailah + Edna/Mikleo/Dezel = I like everyone on close combat
Edna + Lailah/Mikleo/Dezel = close combat
Mikleo + Dezel/Zaveid = I'm liking Mikleo on close combat, and Dezel/Zaveid on whatever, depending on what I'm fighting or struggling with

User Info: Outlivethem

5 months ago#5
The general consensus is probably that seraphs are versatile. Half of their moveset is melee, and while everything is far from being great it is usable. The game also rewards you for mixing melee and spells, which is funnier for me than spamming one or the other.

Now the AI isn't great, on a fresh run your characters tend to be too fragile which is why most players use AI seraphs as spellcasters far from enemies.

NG+ sure makes a big difference thanks to grade shop bonuses and carries. There is also the fact that you now know the game and what to expect. Things are different when you discover everything for the first time.
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  3. Does anyone else prefer using the Seraphs as fighters instead of casters?
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