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The DLC isn't worth it tbh... It's expansive, you get more of that situation you didn't enjoy without 2 humans able to armatize (and you get to refight Maltran...), and its final dungeon is a nightmare. Story wise it doesn't add much (but it makes a kind of summary of the events of the game), and Rose kinda acts out of character which is just weird.
I guess it's possible to watch its events on Youtube if you're really curious:

I understand what he did I just thought they would milk more drama out of it besides Rose walking away with tears in her eyes.

I'm honestly glad they didn't. The emotions felt just right to me. I was actually glad to see Sorey man up and finally take care of things himself. It really felt like he had come a long way.

I know harder settings open up on new game+ but I doubt I'll do those.

Actually harder settings open way before that.
If you do 300 battles in Hard Mode you unlock Intense. If you do 400 battles in Intense, you unlock Chaos mode.

NG+ is just an other way to unlock that for people not playing in the hardest difficulty available consistently.


It's way easier than Zestiria. If you're not a beginner, play on Hard and above as soon as you unlock those difficulties (it's linked to optionnal bosses called Code Red this time). Velvet is also an auto win button, if you want to have some challenge, don't play as her (once your other party members get more fleshed out movesets).
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