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User Info: DrunkenCommando

1 month ago#1
This is my hot take. I was able to follow Dezel's story but it is a bit foggy. I hated his character and didn't really miss him when he died. Zaveid was much better in my opinion but they touched on some things with him alluding to some crew he used to run with and then we never hear anything about it again. I feel like there were a lot of missed opportunities for world building.
When it comes to the Rose or Alisha debate I much preferred Roses quirky happy go lucky murderer schtick to Alisha's naive straight man deal. Also, there's a bit in the credits where they visit a grave, I'm assuming that's Rose's?
After the somewhat touching scene in Lastonbell before the final parts of the game it really just started to get a little tedious and, tbh, boring to me and the ending didn't prove me wrong. I actually turned down the difficulty from hard to simple so I could just get it over with.
What happened to Sorey? Did he seal himself away or whatever they barely brushed on in conversation before?
Also I thought Maltran was one of the hardest boss fights. Didn't realize how important Rose being able to armatize was until they force you to use Alisha.
Edit* And one more thing. Lunarre deserved more screen time. I feel like they set him up to be a decent ancillary antagonist and then we only see him for a grand total of 3 times in the entire game.
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User Info: Koro-Pok-Guru

1 month ago#2

- Dezel's story was indeed poorly executed. If you play Berseria you'll understand more stuff about what Symonne mentionned. His character didn't make an impression on me, and the fact that Zaveid kicks in few seconds after his death doesn't help...
Feel free to read his page on Aselia: https://aselia.fandom.com/wiki/Dezel
It might make things clearer.

- I don't think Zaveid's 2nd MA sidequest was there to tease stuff about his past. It was mostly there to show a more vulnerable side of him and the hardships of being a seraph. Once again, Berseria does that better, even if it's not alluding to the same set of comrades. There's a sidequest that basically explains his behavior in Zestiria and tell us his backstory.

- You can see a set of 2 daggers on the grave and her friends are now old. So it's safe to assume it's her grave or one of her disciple's/descendant's.
The DLC basically shows that Rose became the next Doushi after the end of the game, so it's not surprising to see seraphs, her friends and what appears to be the new Doushi paying their respect to this grave.

- I don't share your feelings about the end of the game. The ending was actually pretty strong. While I think the part with Zenrus was poorly written drama, all that follows is well executed (Rose & Sorey's separation, Sorey walking to stab Heldalf, the last animated cutscene that mirrors the begining of the game). No matter how annoying the boss design was for this final confrontation.
Overall the late game was pretty good, challenging, packed with sidequests and cool events (Tiamat etc...). The only other part of the game I enjoyed was probably the Temple (good OST and some efforts on the level design). The rest was really :meh: imho.
I can understand that you were burnt out tho.

- What Sorey did is explained in Lastonbell and is a reference to the begining of the game when Sorey helped Alisha to communicate with Lailah:
Sorey basically put himself into a coma to increase people resonance (in order for them to be more aware of seraphs) and to clean the malevolence that had affected Maotelus. It is shown/implied in the post credit animated cutscene that he comes back after that (many years after the end of the game, arguably hundred of years, since Mikleo has changed so much)
While they didn't talk about this whole process a lot during the game, they properly reused something they introduced before, so I don't think it was bad.

- In general, boss fights against human characters tend to be harder. But tbh, using unarmatized characters is perfectly fine if you understand the gameplay, since they allow for longer combos (blasts). On paper, having Armatus, one seraph and one human is optimal. In practice, Armatus is so OP that unless you play against spellcasters in higher difficulties without cast time reduction bonuses, you'll have an easier time over relying on it.
Anyway, Maltran was indeed challenging but imo, the hardest boss fights were all optionnal. On top of my head, Rose & Zaveid, Dual Cameo Battle, Phoenix and Zaveid's Crucible were the most challenging stuff.

- Lunarre (like most villain in this game) was trash, and I don't think he deserved more screen time... The problem was not related to his number of appearences (you fight him 4 times btw + he appears in the DLC), but with what they do with him when he appears. He could have been decent, a better link between the human world/Rose and the unseen one with malevolence and seraphs. After all, he was one of Rose's subordinate falling into malevolence and becoming a hellion... But it never got developped. The reason why he "followed" Symonne/Heldalf orders too...

Missed opportunities? Poor writing? Well that's Zestiria in a nutshell. Anyway, GG for finishing the game. I hope you still had fun despite its shortcomings.
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User Info: DrunkenCommando

1 month ago#3
I didn't play the dlc so I'm sure that helps clear up some things. It was my understanding that it was about what Alisha does when she leaves your party. I guess I was wrong if it has to do with events after the main game. Idk if I'll invest in the dlc though. I'm probably just going to move on to Berseria.

I do remember Sorey talking with Mikleo about the coma thing, I just thought they would be more explicit in showing it. I understand what he did I just thought they would milk more drama out of it besides Rose walking away with tears in her eyes.

Its true that I relied WAY to much on armatization throughout the game but it's hard not to when it's so OP. The battle system was somewhat convoluted to me. Honestly the only time I wasn't armatized was when the gauge didn't allow it lol. I mostly just tanked hits and mashed buttons which was all possible on the hard difficulty. I know harder settings open up on new game+ but I doubt I'll do those. Lol

I liked the game I was just getting burned out near the end. Overall enjoyable but probably won't play again for a while, if ever.
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User Info: Koro-Pok-Guru

1 month ago#4
The DLC isn't worth it tbh... It's expansive, you get more of that situation you didn't enjoy without 2 humans able to armatize (and you get to refight Maltran...), and its final dungeon is a nightmare. Story wise it doesn't add much (but it makes a kind of summary of the events of the game), and Rose kinda acts out of character which is just weird.
I guess it's possible to watch its events on Youtube if you're really curious:

I understand what he did I just thought they would milk more drama out of it besides Rose walking away with tears in her eyes.

I'm honestly glad they didn't. The emotions felt just right to me. I was actually glad to see Sorey man up and finally take care of things himself. It really felt like he had come a long way.

I know harder settings open up on new game+ but I doubt I'll do those.

Actually harder settings open way before that.
If you do 300 battles in Hard Mode you unlock Intense. If you do 400 battles in Intense, you unlock Chaos mode.

NG+ is just an other way to unlock that for people not playing in the hardest difficulty available consistently.


It's way easier than Zestiria. If you're not a beginner, play on Hard and above as soon as you unlock those difficulties (it's linked to optionnal bosses called Code Red this time). Velvet is also an auto win button, if you want to have some challenge, don't play as her (once your other party members get more fleshed out movesets).
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User Info: Vhanzy

1 month ago#5
coming from someone who likes zestiria a lot just watch the alisha dlc its not really worth it unless your in for alisha's joke weapon.

imo the story suffers for not giving enough time to expand more on everything that needed to be expanded on main cast villains alike.

most of the downs of the story comes from the 2nd part of the game the 1st and 3rd are strong imo.

most agreed that dezel's arc has a terrible execution but imo he is a good character you see a lot of his characterization through skits and zaveid is ok but you'll like him more if you play berseria

symmone, maltran and lunarre have all interesting back story but never really explored.
heldalf's lack of exposition with his own time made him just an average villain if he brought up more his connections to the previous shepherd probably could make one of the best villain in tales of.

if you use armatus a lot I can probably predict your most use character if you play berseria....
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