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Jarsky2 5 years ago#1
I really hope this board isn;t totally dead, because I need help in a big way.

The first trial boss (the fire one) is destroying me. I'm prepared to grind, but I just want to make sure I'm not just doing something wrong so I don't waste the effort. Can I get an ideal level for this fight, and/or tips and tricks for beating him?
Terzian313 5 years ago#2
I remember the fight being a tad bit tough, but not impossible. Im not even there yet, but that was Azura, right? You shouldnt ever really need to grind if you dont run by more than 10% of mobs. Some fights can be damn near impossible if you dont play correctly, and a complete breeze if you do. Utilize weaknesses, change out seraphs to heal, utilize soreys martial arts with enemies weaknesses to stun enemy into a combo when not armatized.

And finally make sure to use commands properly. Spread out, focus attacks, defense.
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wolverinerob79 5 years ago#3
The PS4 or PS3 board is probably the better to try.

That said...I'm happy I'll be buying this for $20 today! Go steam sales!
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