this is the best Zelda-esque game I've played since Twilight Princess

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  3. this is the best Zelda-esque game I've played since Twilight Princess

User Info: kasplat360

1 year ago#1
I've not started NG+ yet, so I plan to make another post with some non-spoiler tips, but the short story is the game is even better than I remembered from the PS3 days where I got sidetracked by the Diablo-style loot system, which it turns out can more or less be ignored.

They did a fantastic job of incorporating all of the DLC into the game and since there are multiple difficulty levels that you can swap between at any time as well as an NG+ option, you can decide what importance you want to give the "difficulty" of the combat.

I would recommend getting the Darksiders: Fury's Collection if you don't already have the first Darksiders game as that is also a good Zelda-esque game, though much smaller in scope than Darksiders II.

User Info: ThePatrick

1 year ago#2
I have a few issues with it but I've played it through many times and obviously like the game a lot.

First, it's too buggy. It's usually not game-breaking as it autosaves and it's generally crashes, but sometimes it will do things like not allow an objective to be achieved and end game progress (this is very rare, though).

Second, once you know how to get the best Possessed Weapons and farm them and all, most of the game is a huge pushover (maybe you'll die at the second to the last boss a couple of times because he's invulnerable so often).

Third, I wish we could have replayed New Game + more than once. Little nit, but still.

Lastly the puzzles get annoying in replay sometimes because of all the unskippable cinemas and junk.

However the action and actually aforementioned Possessed Weapons building can make the game crazy fun. I would recommend it for sure.
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User Info: kasplat360

1 year ago#3
The crashes can be annoying, but as you said with the autosave and the fact that they are generally application crashes means just a little inconvenience.

The New Game + limitation is dumb, but can be worked around simply by saving your new game before the point of no return or after to USB and restoring from the USB if you ever want to do NG+ fresh.

Combat is a big issue, but you can make it harder if you want by playing on a harder difficulty level. I felt most of the button combinations ended up being unused for how I was playing and after level 15 I did feel Overpowered with my inferno weapons and then at 17 everything became cake due to +12% or better health and wrath steal combined with Necromancer ghouls. However, since I'm comparing to Zelda which historically has incredibly simplistic and easy combat, everything the Darksiders games let you do is just a plus.

I consider it a big plus that you could even play on easy mode and combined with OP weapons and gear end up just focusing on the exploration and puzzles, etc. with lazy ghoul combat if you just don't want to swing your weapon much.

On a related note I sometimes think of the first two Batman Arkham games as Zelda-esque with a lot of combat.

All cinemas can be skipped as far as I know, but probably most of those puzzles don't count as cinemas.

Overall though given how few Zelda type games exist it deserves to be played more.
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  2. Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition
  3. this is the best Zelda-esque game I've played since Twilight Princess

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