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User Info: Regent192

1 year ago#1
This is on sale in the eshop store and I'm wondering how this version is compared to the consoles and pc versions
Is there anything that was removed/changed?

User Info: xlphantom

1 year ago#2
I've just bought it for my door wedge 2ds (because of the sale), and there are a few things I can say right off the bat.

On the original screen, it's not that easy to see what is going on. Thankfully there's a building oriented mode that has the center of the screen zoomed in on the bottom screen, which makes mining and fighting much easier. I feel it would be worth it on one of the XL variants of the system.

Inventory management feels a bit clunky at first, but I got used to it. However, it does need some good quality of life in some areas.

The game seems to run at a capped 30fps, but don't quote me there. Would love to see it run faster though. Even if it were ~45fps, it would benefit a ton.

Hope this helps you decide!

User Info: FlamingCheetah

1 year ago#3
Multiplayer is broken and worlds can randomly corrupt and become unplayable. Still fun, though!
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