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User Info: pflaumenbaum

2 years ago#1
Among the financial reports Bandai Namco also presented the plans for the current financial year (spanning from April 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018). We already know Switch is getting a Tales game, and they mentioned it again for the current financial year. See page 11 in this PDF:

I previously expected it to be a new game to be released for PS4, PC and Switch all at once. But the mention for Tales in the above PDF is only for Switch, not multiplatform. So I expect it to be a port that will be released in this year and announced at the TalesFes.

Playing the guessing game: Would be pretty low of them to port a game already on PC (so no Zestiria, Berseria or Symphonia), Abyss is already on 3DS, so that leaves Vesperia, Graces and the two Xillia games as possibilities for a Switch port. On the other hand Berseria on Steam is region locked in Japan, rising the chance it will be ported (but then its sequel is missing on Switch). Vesperia would be a fitting port if they want to prepare the public for the new Tales game being in a similar anime graphics style unlike the Xillia graphics style Tales games used since. What do you think?

User Info: zKanoe

2 years ago#2
yeah, I'm kind of expecting a port of Berseria or one of the older titles. I'd love for the game to be Tempest R though to finish the portable Tri-verse series.
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User Info: singhellotaku

2 years ago#3
so they've learned nothing from the failures of graces, symphonia 2, and hearts? all of which sold poorly and had to be rereleased on the ps3/vita
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User Info: pflaumenbaum

2 years ago#4
singhellotaku posted...
so they've learned nothing from the failures of graces, symphonia 2, and hearts? all of which sold poorly and had to be rereleased on the ps3/vita

Talking about failures, the Vita releases are all at the very bottom of the Tales sales list, even when including all spin offs. But nice troll attempt.

User Info: MusaboriMan2

2 years ago#5
this is probably their way to test the waters in the Switch market and see if they SHOULD release their next mainline game multiplatform with a Switch version. Hopefully if this game is a port it won't be something that just came out in the last few years (my personal wish because I've already played all the recent games as they've come out, then done extra playthroughs).

Having any Tales game that wasn't portable before become portable would be nice, but I'd really hope for a game that's either not super recent, or maybe that didn't even come out in the West before (Destiny remake + Destiny 2 on Switch to celebrate Destiny's 20th anniversary maybe? lol, I wish)

Would also love Rebirth. Even though I have all 3 of these games, I would like to have them localized to make it easier to play with others. Also, again, portability would be sweet (I have console version of Rebirth and Destiny 2, not their PSP versions).
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User Info: Sir_Punsalot

2 years ago#6
Inb4 it's a low effort tales party game.

But I do agree that it's most likely a remake and most likely a Bersy remake.
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User Info: Rpgmonkey

2 years ago#7
Man, the hilarity that would ensue if it's Vesperia and only for the Switch.

Anyway, stuff I think is possible, in no particular order:

* Vesperia. Not the worst game to start off with. I have no idea why people are so adamant that the 10th anniversary is a reason why a port should happen this year though. That's 2018, this is probably releasing sometime in October-December 2017, even if a port happens it's most likely not going to be about any anniversary, we don't need to fudge numbers and lose our ability to count just to beg for a port... This is ignoring that I don't actually think Namco cares about Tales anniversaries anyway.

* Destiny R. No port yet, makes extensive use of simplistic 3D graphics and textures that I think would transition well to HD. Enemy/character sprites are the iffy part, depends on how well they could upscale them as I already know they wouldn't completely redo all of those.

* Berseria. If they're just trying to give the series a breather until the next game is announced in December or so, a simple port to get the Nintendo audience caught up on the latest game is fine.

* Xillias. Not super popular but no ports yet. Basically the same as the Berseria situation.

Stuff I think is unlikely:

* Basically any pre-Destiny R 2D game.

* Legendia, Abyss, Symphonia, Zestiria. Either too new, already ported, or not popular.

* Graces. It's not really unpopular but I don't know why they'd go with this and none of the stuff I think is likely. :P

* Spinoff. They seem content with mobile.

* Another R game. They tried twice, and the consumer response was about as close to "no one cares" as a Tales game could realistically get. They're dead.
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User Info: Etherealist

2 years ago#8
Could be Tempest R. Vita is kill, no new trademark in sight, and I can't see the Xillias/Zestiriaverse games getting it given how recent they are. R games also sold badly, wouldn't be surprised to see up-ports of either Innocence R or Hearts R as "Tales of the Best," perhaps with improved assets and more connectivity between the two games if they're on the same cart.

Vesperia strikes me as something they'd save for a fancier surprise given its modest success overseas and its high regard over in Japan.
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User Info: GrayZStarr

2 years ago#9
Wouldn't be surprised if it's a port. Just, like, be worthwhile and not one of the past four mainline titles, please. Unless it's a collection, because like, 3+ or so games for the price of 1 new one (OR LESS!) is practically free money.

Since Ninty fans tend to get along with PC fans, I doubt they'd want Berseria...again...

Sir_Punsalot posted...
Inb4 it's a low effort tales party game.

as long as they put more effort in it than Symphonia Chronicles I can ignore it happily

most likely a Bersy remake


y u want a remake of a gaem that isnt even a year old yet

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User Info: NowItsAngeTime

2 years ago#10
Rpgmonkey posted...
* Basically any pre-Destiny R 2D game.

They are not above porting Phantasia for the 10th time
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