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When and where do I get the ability to get the second arte tree?GeneralRaiden48/17 1:30AM
After all those years I still don't get the ending *spoilersunlikelyserge28/16 11:27PM
Velvet AI SuicideInfiniteEcho48/15 9:01AM
How do Break Artes work?HakuMan11138688/13 11:34AM
I frickin' love Magilou!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Mudonis358/9 8:21PM
Game is amazing, even though not so good with combos, got a questionANARCHYRULZ78/8 12:07AM
Can you force the CPU to use tier-2 Mystic Artes only?Solarys88/5 12:33AM
Enjoyning it so far but I am not quite understanding the combat..[NO SPOILERS]Ilikebulletz48/5 12:33AM
Spoilers, Totally enjoying this game but I havent Zesty before...xiahoudun_wb48/2 8:49PM
expedition mode??tanin12327/29 3:56PM
Am I just old? Why does it seems like all current RPGs...
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
lightdragoon88277/28 1:32PM
Level requirement for Annihilating CrashDoyski137/22 4:43PM
Funny second page for artesTreeWolf57/17 8:38PM
How are you supposed to play casters in this game?SilverDragon7927/17 1:48PM
How did Tabitha/bloodwings know Velvet saw her brother murdered?dozingdevil27/17 5:41AM
"Phi" (spoilers)Joenage27/16 6:46PM
Tales of Arise E3 Announcement TrailerFlash57/12 2:08AM
So i finished this lovely game and went to see the connections *SPOILERS*Violet_Blooded57/11 12:05AM
First time playing a Tales game. Playin on hard, few questions. Lovin it thoughdozingdevil67/9 4:44PM
Anyone knows the favorite recipe for each characters?xiahoudun_wb47/9 8:22AM
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