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  3. Game closes out after changing a key bind

User Info: soulwolf1

1 month ago#1
I'm trying to change the favorites key and every time I do the game closes out as soon as I change the key.

Is there any way to fix this?
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User Info: Evil_Geoff

1 month ago#2
What key are you trying to bind it to? If it's a key in use, or reserved by the game, that may cause a conflict and BOOM! Crash.

HOW are you launching the game? From Steam? F4SE? A mod managing program? If you are trying to change the key binding at any point in the game OTHER than the main menu, from a Steam launch, don't.

If you are using anything other than Steam - launch the game from Steam, go to Settings > Controls, change to key (it should briefly pop a warning and tell you if you try to swap to a reserved key) and then back to the main menu. CLOSE AND RESTART THE GAME however you normally do, so the change can take effect.
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  3. Game closes out after changing a key bind