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  3. Is Mister Sandman worth the perk points? Is a plasma rifle/Science! any good?

User Info: JohnJSal

2 months ago#1
So I'm at that point (again) where I have spare perk points and I'm not quite sure what to do with them. Since my last post I used some on Action Boy and Strong Back, and I've liked both of those decisions.

Currently I'm thinking either three points in Life Giver to get the health regen, which still seems cool to me, or two points in Endurance (to get to 5) and then a point in Aquaboy, another unnecessary perk that seems pretty cool. (Although I do wonder how much of the fun/immersion either of these perks might remove from the game.)

A more useful option is Mister Sandman, since I do a lot of sneak attacks. However, I just got the Cloak and Dagger perk from Deacon, and that combined with the three ranks of Ninja I already had now give me a sneak attack bonus of 4.2. (The jump from 3.5 to 4.2 is pretty nice!) But I've read that the highest bonus you can get with all three perks now is 4.8, so I'm wondering if three perk points are worth a .6 increase. Seems really small, considering Deacon's perk alone jumped it up by .7.

I also just found my first plasma weapon, and I'm wondering if now's the time to invest in Science! I tried it out real quick and then reloaded. The small test I did with my plasma rifle didn't really impress me. How does plasma rifle damage work?

I had it at something like 63/63 (I could be totally making that up, but the point is that each individual damage number, which I assume is ballistic and energy, was much less than my single ballistic damage of my combat rifle or hunting rifle, but added together it was more.) But how is the damage actually done? Is it basically the same as a weapon with 126 damage?

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User Info: red255

2 months ago#2
A plasma rifle does 63 ballistic and 63 energy damage

Main issue is the plasma balls get caught on all sorts of cover making it really hard to use on targets in cover

I like plasma rifles as a lighter weight option for dealing with larger enemies

But if you dont mind the weight you are better off with a gauss

Id probably increase endurance
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User Info: IHeartRadiation

2 months ago#3
If you don't plan on using it that often just save the Plasma Rifle as a low-weight backup weapon, maybe mod it into a pistol. Otherwise plasma guns are great if you can handle the projectile travel speed.
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  3. Is Mister Sandman worth the perk points? Is a plasma rifle/Science! any good?