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User Info: red255

2 months ago#1
So I started a new file with high int 10

Figuring faster leveling means more perk points

Playing on very hard

Did some hiking around the area and found several frames with t45 on them

At level 31 i found a partial (no legs ) suit of x01

Which brings 2 questions
1 i thought the level requirement for x01 was higher

2 why didnt i find any t51 or t60?
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User Info: Evil_Geoff

2 months ago#2
I'll answer #2 first - because there are leveled locations, randomized locations, and scripted locations.

With leveled locations, per the Fallout wiki - " will find T-45 power armor though at higher levels it can range from T-51 power armor up to X-01 power armor. Leveled frames spawn with T-45 pieces at levels 1-13, T-51 pieces at levels 14-20, T-60 pieces at levels 21-27 and X-01 pieces at level 28 and above."

Because the way the leveled lists work, the type of armor pieces on a frame are set the FIRST TIME you enter the cell they are in. The VERY first time. So if it's a location that CAN spawn X-01 (there are only a few), but you are only level 10 when you walk through that cell, guess what? That armor frame will have T-45 on it. Even if you did not locate the frame during that trip through the cell.

This killed me on my first FO4 playthrough as well. because I explored all over the map at low levels.

The randomized armor sets (again per the Fallout wiki) "...can spawn with raider pieces at any level, T-45 pieces starting at level 15, T-51 pieces starting at level 25, T-60 pieces starting at level 35 and X-01 pieces starting at level 45. "

There are VERY FEW scripted locations for higher than T-45 power armor. Two for example being the Nuka Cola T-51 and Starport Nuka X-01 sets in the Nuka World DLC, and the two T-51 Vim! Cola sets (one red, one green) in the Far Harbor DLC.

On to question #1 - X-01 armor may start spawning as low as level 28. It does not RELIABLY start spawning until somewhere around level 35 - 37. The most reliable X-01 spawn points in the main game are 35 Court top floor in downtown Boston, the Abandoned Shack in the Glowing Sea, and the armory of the National Guard Training Yard. You can also get a full set of X-01 in the Fort Hagen Hanger if you are level 28+ and have the Automatron DLC.
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User Info: red255

2 months ago#3
Ok no this was just north of the posedon energy turbine 18-f at level 30

I got like 20-30 t45 pieces

Yeah was thinking more the level 45 for x01

But apparently 30 is good enough
If the next one is called, because of his MO, the underwear bomber, you'll know I'm on to something. Calvin Trillin June 16, 2006.
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