How do you permanently change the FOV ?

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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#1
Its a frustrating problem. Editing the ini doesn't work for some reason and they are not set to read only. When using console commands it resets right away or something like fov 90 90 stays but resets the next time the game loads up. I never had this problem with the previous Fallouts and why can't they just make it an optional feature ? They really don't like people changing their FOV in this game.

User Info: 20ME2cmpnvet

1 year ago#2
For some reason messing with the FOV will also jack with the FOV when you look at your Pipboy.

I think that is why it resets. I do a lot of screen archery and will mess with the FOV from 20-70 and I need to do a hard save before doing it. Otherwise it messes with pipboy view.
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User Info: Marikhen

1 year ago#3
Check your .ini files to make sure that they aren't read only. That and mod conflict are the only things I can think of, and I've not even heard of a mod that alters the FOV.
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User Info: Untimely Demise

Untimely Demise
1 year ago#4
I change it by adding "fDefault1stPersonFOV=95" and "fDefaultWorldFOV=95" under the [Display] section of Fallout4Custom.ini.

It will screw up the FOV of the Pipboy and computers and cause it to be zoomed way out, but that can be fixed by opening up the console while looking at the Pipboy and typing "fov 75" (or whatever other value looks good) and then immediately, without closing console using the command "refreshini". Once in awhile I'll still get a terminal that's zoomed out, but this takes care of the vast majority of them and persists across saves.
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  3. How do you permanently change the FOV ?

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