Strong won't join

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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#1
I guess there is a small chance it was caused by me because I used the place at me command because I could not find him anywhere around Trinity tower and the surrounding areas. Now of course I already completed the Trinity tower quest some time before and I did receive the '' Strong is now available to be your companion '' message. I went all through the tower again and everywhere around where i read in previous topics where he is and people have found him so after a long search I opted for the console command. When talked to he just sais his '' go away bleeder line '' and walks to the 3rd floor in Trinity tower. Is there anyway to get him to join ?

User Info: EphemeralWind

1 year ago#2
did you try resetting his quest
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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#3
With console commands ? that didn't help.

User Info: PrinceOfArabia

1 year ago#4
Strong dislikes Nightcola. Nightcola no have milk of human kindness.
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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#5
lol Strong doesn't like many things. I didn't find out what caused they glitch sadly or a workaround.

User Info: Iceaxe0140

1 year ago#6
Could try looking to see what his affinity is. Just click on him and type getav ca_affinity Maybe you did too many things he didn't like near Trinity Tower causing his affinity to be too low. If it's low you could try setting it higher. using setav ca_affinity. You'll probably have to reload or fast travel out and back in for it to register.

User Info: IqarP15

1 year ago#7
Well if it enjoys shortage of humans or mutants around it.
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