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  3. Do cheats disable achievements?
PainoGamer 6 years ago#1
I ask this because I used "TCL" (noclip) to get unstuck because I was stupid and jump too much. I only have one achievement and its for hitting level 5, I don't even have the achievement for Entering the Wasteland or doing the Minuteman quest...

Not that I care about achievements, just another bug I guess.
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STG Deathbot 6 years ago#2
It's not a bug. It's intended and worked this way with the previous Fallout games as well. The moment you use the console, it removes achievements until you restart the game. I'm not 100% sure for this game, but with 3 and New Vegas, you could use a code, save, exit the game, reload it from Steam, then achievements would be active again.
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The_tall_midget 6 years ago#3
It's to prevent stupid noobs from getting achievements they don't deserve by being pathetic little cheaters.

Working as intended.
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Kai_Laguna 6 years ago#4
hmm, I increased my carry weight and I'm still getting achievements.
SuperGamer5 6 years ago#5
Yeah, console commands don't usually disable achievements. I remember accidentally unlocking like half of Skyrim's achievements in one go while messing around with console commands.
BigBoi19 6 years ago#6
The console commands do not disable achievements. But if you're worried about it, you can use the +23 trainer by cheat happens which has stuff that the console cannot do.
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Chielz0r 6 years ago#8
Would be stupid if your achievements get disabled for changing the fov.
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VampLena 6 years ago#9
Yep cheats don't disable achievements this time around. Can confirm in my testing I even got achievements with god mode on. ( TCM like all Beth games).
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