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  3. I did confidence man quest and travis is still not confident.

User Info: FlameVegaXV

6 years ago#1
Im gonna make an awesome si- boom im sawed off

User Info: PutHaggarInSF

6 years ago#2
Just did this and next time I heard him on the radio, still the same. Kind of silly. Thought for sure they had two sets of voice work for his character but it doesn't seem that way.
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User Info: Cysi

6 years ago#3
It took some time for me before he got his confident voice. Don't remember how long, but give it some time.

User Info: John325

6 years ago#4
Yeah it takes a while, but it does happen... and it's boring as hell. At least before he was kind of funny.

User Info: JKSonic

6 years ago#5
Didn't take a while for me at all, next time I listened all his dialogue changed. Maybe you didn't listen enough to the station in the first place to hear it all not sure...either that or it's bugging for you.

User Info: Rob_Coyote

6 years ago#6
It takes some time for the change to fllter through. I've heard it needs another quest or side quest doing to trigger.

User Info: rxscientist

6 years ago#7
It did this until I heard an npc say that he's gotten better, then the new dialog started.
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User Info: StaticPenguin

6 years ago#8
I haven't even been able to finish the quest. The two npcs that take the russian are glitch.
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  3. I did confidence man quest and travis is still not confident.
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