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Jedah345 1 month ago#1
So I recently bought all the add ons and this is the one I started with and it’s awesome. The underground area is so big and full of enemies. I don’t think I’ve seen so many radscorpions in one area before.
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Olld-Onne 1 month ago#2
Just hold off on Automatron, it's got some issues you may not appreciate at the moment anyway.
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DuneMan 1 month ago#3
One fun thing you can do, depending on how you go through the tunnels, is craft a wooden shack bridge, slap on 3 turrets, and park them next to a wall before you tear it down. Whatever enemies are on the other side will have to get through a hail of gunfire to reach you.

But, yeah, there are a lot of Radscorpions in that section. The first time I did that I had Ada with me with the Tesla Coil upgrade and it saw a fair amount of use as they swarmed her.
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Jedah345 1 month ago#4
I just finished the area. Nothing gave me trouble as I used vats as soon as I took down the walls. The mole rats were a little annoying cause they wouldn’t stay above ground. I can’t figure out how to activate the water pump though, I’ve built generators and tried to connect them but can’t figure it out.
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DuneMan 1 month ago#5
Well Vault 88 has something 4 separate workshops, corresponding to different sections. The main water pump is connected to one of them. If you cleared out the enemies to control the correct water pump then you need to supply something like 20 power to the pump and it should activate.
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c_s_tadsen 1 month ago#6
The power line connection point for the water pump is pretty high up on it, and it's not exactly on the edge of the pump, either. Depending on your choice of generator to power it, it's quite possible for you to need to climb some of the pipes on the side in order to place some wire relay points on the ceiling, because of the way power lines sag over distance.
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Olld-Onne 1 month ago#7
My first time doing Vault 88 was with my pacifist slightly bat s*** crazy build. I also got rid of the follower I had. Had to build traps as technically if they walk over them it not my characters fault. Had to lure the Ghouls to the Radscorpians and the Radscorpians to my saviour...........the Mirelurk Queen. She still alive along with that very powerful Sentrybot and some loose Radscorpians.

A few Radscorpians detected the vault and tunneled in and started going to town on the residents. luckily the the very elevated turrets killed them off. They thought they had found a haven. They were wrong. If the queen ever breaks through..........likely will never happen but the thought is amusing.

And yes, Slough well and truly alive at the entrance area along with his entourage as basically just ran past them all. For every new vault dweller I can only assume another 20 did not quite make the entrance before dying.

This character maybe a pacifist but he not the safest person to be around regardless. Joined the Railroad so Tinker Tom no longer the craziest person in that organization. Hoards Cram and Abraxo. He is a descendant of Soup Can Harry and is living his Overseer dream which is everyone else's nightmare. XD
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Beanie_devil 1 month ago#8
Yeah enjoy because they don’t respawn, the only thing that does seem to is the odd ghoul and they attack my vault from time to time but apart from that they’re gone.

i knew about the different workshops but just thought because it was so big, save you going back to the original vault. Does that mean that each section has its own ‘build limit’? I’ve not even used half of the main room and I’m using about half of the limit already.
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DuneMan 1 month ago#9
I believe so. It's goofy because Settlers only stick to the main cave, but attacks on the Vault can wander through any of the Workshop zones. And, yes, the build limit in the main cave is silly small. Just recreating something like the main common room of Vault 75 would chew through most the Size bar.

For that reason I usually end up making a sad, shack town reminiscent of something from the Dark Souls games.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao
Olld-Onne 1 month ago#10
I at least try to Build a vault. Of course they too dumb to navigate it properly. I had Raiders show up and attack the vault. Thought I was playing Fallout Shelter. The main door was also open when I checked it. They pretty much knocked out the Dwellers until the got to close to the turrets and it all went silent again.

Not sure if it was a glitch but the thought of a bunch of high level scrap bots with nice bleed weapons barging in are now partially there.
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