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  3. What am i missing by not getting the GoTY?

User Info: ninjaa1

1 month ago#1
Ive played this game on and off for about 5 years and I've been jonesing for a quick fix but figured 9.99 was cheaper than 39.99 not saying it isnt worth it but i have a backlog so I know im not going to play it immediately/invest a lot of time. Im sure i can download the DLCs down the road? What is the cheapest way overall to play everything the GoTY has to offer? I absolutely love the Fallout series and i can't wait to explore the wasteland again

User Info: KingUrs29

1 month ago#2
They've had the DLC go on sale as a standalone buy that was how I bought it. Definitely worth it for the story DLCs Far Harbor and Nuka World. I was never big on base building so the workshop DLCs didn't get much playtime nor the one where you could build robots. I think I bought the bundle because it was still cheaper than buying FR & NW separately.

User Info: AsIfByMagic

1 month ago#3
You can buy the DLC separately, but the GotY is pretty cheap a lot of the time.


If you follow that link you can see the DLC and what the lowest price it's been available for was. The same site has the info on the GotY and base versions. If you're not in a hurry you can just check every few weeks for it to be knocked down to something better.

For how good the DLC is, Far Harbor is really good (aside from one really bad bit) and so is Nuka World. Vault Tec Workshop and the Automaton thing are decent enough if you've got the package but I wouldn't really pay extra for them.

User Info: leeman27534

4 weeks ago#4
like others said, the dlc.

more specifically, here's some stuff in the dlc

far harbor: huge content, new locale, new weapons, perks, armors, items, etc, pretty much an expansion pack, worth it

nika world: huge content, new locale, new weapons, perks, armors, items, etc. also an expansion pack, little more hit and miss imo given it kinda wants you to be more heavily invested in settlements, and pisses off the 'settlement' faction - and given the leader's likely essential and potentially sorta stuck at your home base... take action to fix that being an issue before going to deep anyway.

past here, not huge content/expansion pack stuff

automatron: adds a few new quests, new enemies, changes some locales in the commonwealth some, adds a few new weapons and items and whatnot, largely the biggest bonus from this dlc is the ability to make and customize robot companions. you can have a more advanced mr gtsy or an automatron, or even the tank like ones - and mix and match to a degree. they can have very powerful weapons, as well.

vault tec workshop: adds a few new quests and items, adds vault themed building potential as well as a large vault for you to customize for yourself - not as good as automatron imo, but if that sounds great to you, great.

contraptions: gives you access to assembly line ish settlement building parts and more advanced stuff like logic gates, crafting machines (as in, put stuff in, hook up to a computer, it can shunt out items related to what type of crafting machine it is - from something to make ammo, which is kinda great for either essentially printing 0 weight caps items to stockpile, or getting rarer ammo easily, though not all ammo, to a machine that could spit out leather armor in different styles, or even weapons)
it doesn't come with quests or iirc new unique items besides the settlement building stuff, but i still actually suggest it - elevators, ball track stuff, the assembly line ish stuff, and even display cases for weapons and armor you've gotten, as well as the logic gate stuff to be able to make complex designs and improve potential settlement creativity

wasteland workshop - kinda what it says, sort of more 'survival in the wasteland' settlement content. not really worth getting singly, imo, but you do you

User Info: SuperCronos

3 weeks ago#5
The GoTY version is on sale right now for $19.79

User Info: Zarley420

3 weeks ago#6
Don't have fomo over dlc, the base game is great.
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