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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Digital only = death of used games
327K 7.78M 2 minutes ago2m
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: super mario 3d all stars really opened up a can of worms
129K 3.17M 8 minutes ago8m
Xbox One
  Hot: What is it with Sony and timed exclusives?
163K 3.22M 5 minutes ago5m
  Hot: Pc gaming makes me feel bad
142K 2.38M 5 minutes ago5m
PlayStation 5
  Hot: If true PS5 is 825GB instead becomes about 700GB, then only 12 games fit in
1.41K 19.1K 17 minutes ago17m

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Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #3164: The Top 10 GameFAQs Top Ten Lists, Part 2, by DDJ
2.05K 48.2K 4 hours ago4h
Ask the Mods
  Hot: Do you use dark or light mode?
7.58K 31.9K 2 hours ago2h
Site Suggestions
  Hot: Add a Settings option to open Poll Results in a new page, like Poll of the Day.
2.11K 16.8K 16 hours ago16h
Message Board Help
  Hot: Can I add a picture to my signature?
2.72K 15.6K 7 hours ago7h
GameFAQs Competitions
  Gaming contests and competitions
155 8.63K 3 weeks ago3w

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Your First Thought 110: "Nintendo's greatest rival."
401 29.9K 18 minutes ago18m
Poll of the Day
  Hot: I just invented a delicious pizza.
454 14K 7 minutes ago7m

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