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Leech Hunter Guide
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
BlueJester0077211/25 5:14PM
No recovery Items? HOW?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
UltraMarcus116/2 12:51PM
Unlocked Everything On Normal, can't start new game plus?Scarlet__Jester55/27 3:40PM
Hard modehchuckydog45/22 1:50PM
Speedrun margin of error? Tips appreciated. (Spoilers)Josh200045/19 6:21AM
About multiple saves on different difficulties?Josh200065/19 5:57AM
S rank without skipping cutscenesCuteKitten75/19 5:42AM
The story of a chicken who is playing RE 0 for the first time: join me!VictourieFlake85/19 5:41AM
34 Ink Ribbons on HardJosh200015/3 1:57PM
Billy too big for the gondolaKillzoneSnake23/17 4:51PM
Trophy - "Distracted From the Hunt" - Possible IssueAgentMulder22/21 11:03PM
Resident Evil 0 HD Health Mechanics
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
cheezeit1110/27 5:45AM
Annoying to pick up items tips?belgraviahair310/1 8:15AM
Question about a speed runMathew198629/24 9:29AM
Leech Hunter map & guide - Magnum variation with blue herbMr_Big_Boss69/1 5:38AM
What's the point of unlocking SMG ammo for easy difficulty through leech hunter?dethfromabove6428/8 1:32PM
Question about the Lurker/Frog enemy, quick responce is appreciatedMathew198618/8 8:51AM
The frog things... I just don't get it. HelpWarGreymon7737/30 12:09PM
I know this board is dead but still taking my chances with a few questionsdarktace57/25 2:18PM
Currently playing this game the first time. (Normal Mode)DualArms1012/13/2017
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