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User Info: autoexit173

3 years ago#1
I was hoping this thread can be a place where everybody can post the bugs found in Jaws of Hakkon.

I'll go first.

Might be a bug 1: The spiders poisons can go through rocks and follow me around left to right.

Location: near Eastern riverbank on top of the rock that connects between two islands.

What happened: I finish the assault on Hakkon and was capturing the memory (Ameridan Memories (Where Once We Walked). Spiders was under the ledge and and I attacked them, anyway I pulled back in a safe distance where the rocks should be protecting me, but the spiders poison was going through the rocks and was directly hitting me.

Might be a bug 2: Some times my character just stays in a fighting pose after I change to him/her not doing anything at all and I can't change.

Might be a bug 3. In the last mission inside the fortress gates before you speak to Ameridan, if you kill the Gurd Harofsen before everybody else dies, the Hakkonite bruiser kills your squad one by one during the conversation with Ameridan and after the dialogue is finish, you'll see all your members are dead and the last remaining bruiser is attacking you.

Also most of the enhanced rings don't work.

The ones that work are the ones I've tested personally;

- energy barrage works.
- static cage works.
- winter's grasp works.
- walking bomb works.
- Twin fangs works.
- Spinning blades works.
- Explosive shot works.
- Charging bull works.
- might blow works.

- Ice mine doesn't seem to change the duration.
- barrier doesn't work.
- Fire mine doesn't work.
- Firestorm doesn't work.
- Rally doesn't work.
- Shield bash doesn't work.
- Counterstrike doesn't work.
- Rampage doesn't work.
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