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User Info: DreadkingHunter

1 year ago#1
Anyone got any good randumbs stories. Best I got was a guy with 100 defense and HR70 with no skills trying to join my Alatreon room.

User Info: WSDragoon

1 year ago#2
DreadkingHunter posted...
Anyone got any good randumbs stories. Best I got was a guy with 100 defense and HR70 with no skills trying to join my Alatreon room.

Lol at this. Doesn't that mean that the guy has mad skillz bruh? How'd you know he was an idiot if you've never see him play? He got to HR70 without armor skills. That's something.

User Info: DreadkingHunter

1 year ago#3
WSDragoon posted...
DreadkingHunter posted...
Anyone got any good randumbs stories. Best I got was a guy with 100 defense and HR70 with no skills trying to join my Alatreon room.

Lol at this. Doesn't that mean that the guy has mad skillz bruh? How'd you know he was an idiot if you've never see him play? He got to HR70 without armor skills. That's something.

I never said I didn't see him play, im just saving the guy some humiliation. I never judge people based off of there skills until i see them in action. But if you want to know, it didn't go so well.

User Info: TheSoldierChris

1 year ago#4
In 4u today I had someone rage quit cuz I told him not to use pellets. He seige firing pellets and triplocking me.
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1 year ago#5
Just today I stumped into a room that had an Aerial GS with no skills ofc but what really pushed me over the top was he didn't have a hunting art eqquipped

We still managed to kill hyper brachy though B-)
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User Info: Blackmon

1 year ago#6
I've decided to play online for the first time today to do HR6 key quests. I was very surprised that almost half the people I played with tonight had no skills on their armor sets (about 10 different ppl, so about 4-5 of them). Some of them had a lot of skills but they were not at +10 to activate it.

Though it didn't bother me, I didn't kick them or anything, nor said anything. We still went on hunts as normal. But still, I was surprised.

User Info: Darkrunedragon

1 year ago#7
My favorite one is still from MH4U. It's the only legitimately amusing Randumb story I have so far.

I was farming Gypceros for Dash Extracts and thought I'd make an online hall so that people could join in and help farm dash extracts for multiple people. Since I was fighting Low Rank gypceros, and I was in G-Rank gear, it was going pretty fast in general.

A few hunts in, I had three guys show up and was like cool. And then I saw "Salut!", noticed they all had Insect Galives, and was like "Oh..." Note also that they were all HR1.

I shrugged it off, took the Gypceros quest again, and they all joined me on it. The fight had actually gone well for the most part--I'd gotten used to using Lifepowders and Dusts of Life to keep the party alive by this point--and we reached the point where Gypceros plays dead.

Since I'm just after Dash Extracts and the damage from it waking up isn't a threat to me anymore in my G-rank gear, I just crouch down and start carving for a few extra mats. Everyone else continues hacking and slashing.

Gypceros wakes up and starts thrashing. HunterNoob1 has fainted. Reward decreased. Hunternoob2 has fainted. Reward decreased. Hunternoob3 has fainted. Reward decreased. Reward has decreased to 0. Quest failed.

I don't think I'd laughed so hard in months. All three of them at once, all dead to Gypceros's play-dead-thrash.
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User Info: foxxfyre2410

1 year ago#8
Last night I was helping a Hr5 party reach hr6. One guy had full bulldrome armor so he had demonic blessing. I asked him to make a protection jewel and put it anywhere. He swore he didnt have the jewel on his forge deco list. So he kept getting critical'd by the mizutsune on his urgent and complaining over how op the mizutsune's attacks were. He also had a defense +1 talisman equipped, his only defense point, swearing that it helped his def. I tried to explain but he wouldn't even check his talismans for a better one.

User Info: Tylahhh

1 year ago#9
I have a different kind of randumb story to share...

Last night I jumped into Generations after being away for quite a while and was in the mood to help out with random rooms. I spotted a room for hyper S.Rath and joined because that's always a messy fun ride in my eyes. We did 3 runs and not a single Hunter carted. 3/3 successful runs with hunters ranging from HR 80 to HR 250 (me). Everyone knew their role, brought plenty of flashes and combines for more, and generally kicked ass. I was totally prepared for a hot mess but the group surprised the hell out of me.

User Info: Banryu312

1 year ago#10
I'm sure I have some good ones that I can't remember, but the best one in living memory comes from MH4U, where my wife and I were boosting a friend who had the game, sold it, and picked it up again.

So we were doing the Dahren Mohran urgent, online ofc since he lives out of state, and we weren't really planning on playing with randoms but one comes in so we're like 'ehh why not, let'em help'. So for perspective, wife and I are in endgame G-rank gear, so ol' Daren is a joke to us. Our friend we're boosting is in his Derring gear still (might have been LR tetsu? IDR), but we don't care, he knows the monster and knows how to avoid dying and s*** so we'll probably be fine, whatever.

So we start, with all of us doing ballistae and cannonfire and whatnot, and we're breaking stuff left and right, no problem... A few minutes into the fight though, the wife and I start noticing that Rando has bene taking it upon himself to operate the gong and the ballista binder-- and the more he does it, the more we're realizing that he's just doing it indiscriminately whenever they're ready, not waiting for strategic moments like when Daren is about to ram the ship, etc.

So we're like 'WTF dude, he might actually get the ship broken if he keeps doing that nonsense' so I start taking it upon myself to GUARD the gong from him, just standing by it with my GL so I can shell him away whenever he goes for it. (by this point most of Daren's stuff is broken and we're just riding it out until the final showdown, wife's damage output is more than sufficient to allow me to back off) So naturally, he starts getting pissy, he starts trying to hit me with his hammer and junk, and I'm just like 'lolshield' and shelling him away at any of the ample openings.

This is pretty much how it went until the end, with me keeping him off of the gong and ballista so he didn't kill Daren outside the bounds of the map and deny friendo his carves, him being pissy and trying to hit me back (failing), all the way until Daren keels over and we run out for our carves.

But this fkn guy... rather than just try to get his carves in, he takes the limited time before the quest end screen to keep trying to hit me with his hammer, and ofc since we're INSIDE Daren he's just bouncing repeatedly off of the inside of the monster while I carve, not once being touched and not giving a single crap haha... I think he eventually gave up and kicked me, but by that point my wife (who didn't care about carving) was able to keep him off of me until he decided to go back to fruitlessly hammering the air near me. I still got all my carves lol.

After that, we kicked him bc of course we did, and dude kept coming back until my wife figured out how to block him hahaha. Never have I seen such a pissy, poor team player. It's a good thing we were G-rank already or he might have screwed us haha.
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