Tips for soloing hyper monsters?

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User Info: John_Dory

1 year ago#1
I unlocked the single hyper monster villager requests (Nibel, Plesi and Malfestio) a short while ago. I reckon it'll take me longer to find a room and get my quest posted than to solo all three. I have a fully upgraded Seregios GS and a mix set that gives me Crit Draw, Focus and around 440 defense, so I'm pretty good in those regards.

I was wondering about specific strategies for those hypers in particular so I don't time out. Plesi is the only on who looks like legit trouble, while I expect Malfestio to just be annoying.
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User Info: the_rowan

1 year ago#2
They're really quite easy with any weapon in Striker style since you'll charge evasion arts in 1-2 hits hitting hyper spots. Bring extra healing items since they have a lot more HP and just plain do more damage, I guess.

The HR8 quests in the arena, on the other hand, are pretty nuts... that Astalos was doing 80% of my health in one attack with about 500 defense.
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User Info: electric_emu

1 year ago#3
Hyper monsters aren't really different, they just force you to optimize your gameplay. I.e. don't get and hit a lot. As a GS user, you're probably used to that since the weapon rewards learning precisely how monsters move. If not, well they're good practice.
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User Info: Limebeer

1 year ago#4
Well, best to exploit certain aspects of the monsters that you have, such as making the 'snarf eat a bomb and fishing him out when he's stunned half in the sand in order to get as many hits in as possible. I'd also use some Megadash juice and gem in Lasting Power if possible in order to not worry about your stamina.

They still limp when low on health though and leave the area to sleep, so that helps some.

You have to also remember that they will not get tired or exhausted and can get feeling like you are fighting past games G-Rank in terms of the monster's speed when doing attacks and damage dealt.

About the best strat I can give for Snarf is to bring alot of LBB's and LBB+'s, sonic bombs (he will jump up and try to bite wherever you throw one) and eat for Felyne Fisher and Pyro if you can. Fisher is to get him to be easier to fish out when he's stunned half out of the sand, and Pyro I believe is the bomb increasing kitchen skill. I'd keep to his sides and attack his frills (while being careful to not stand behind him as he has an annoying sand blast attack from them) and lay bombs down when he goes underground. Also, as sonic bombs will NOT blow up your bombs, it's best to toss one ontop of a LBB when he's underground to have him eat one, or if you need time to take a healing item throw one away from you to distract him. When he blows up he'll be vulnerable for fishing out, which will help you alot. It'll be like fishing out a big fish, so keep your button mashing skills up. (You sheath your weapon and hit A when infront of him to get to the fishing part)

All in all, he's a very easy hyper to beat, just keep away from his charge bite, and watch for his breath attack, as it can be very annoying though he seldom uses it. It'll give you water blight and can hit you quite hard. It is highly telegraphed as well, so you can easily read it coming. It also leaves him open to be attacked as it's an easy attack to avoid and punish him for. bed.
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User Info: Naos

1 year ago#5
Gog I am really glad that the first response wasn't "git gud".

I think we may actually be capable of rational thought and communication, people!
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User Info: RandoCalrissian

1 year ago#6
You might be able to get away with trading hits with HR monsters, but most hyper monsters would take 50-80% of your hp if you're wearing tier appropriate armor.

If I have to give out one point of advice, I would say you should play smart. Don't take unnecessary risks and make your hits count. Try to nail monsters when they're recovering. In those short windows of opportunity, try your best to either hit their weakspots or Hyper spots, depending on which one is closer. I would prioritize weakspots over hyper spots, even if the weakspot was just a little further away.

User Info: Pyrohamster

1 year ago#7
Hit hyper aura to charge HA's fast, then fight them like normal. Stuff like SA's Demon Riot or DB's Wolf's Maw benefit from this alot.

User Info: ShouNiikura

1 year ago#8
Get used to their normal Version. Hyper aint too different.
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User Info: MikhailNaumov

1 year ago#9
Deviant weapon + hitting hyper parts = hella fast art gauge charging. Using something with very good offensive arts like Dual Blades (Deviant DB on a Hyper Monster is like perpetual Wolf's Maw III due to how fast you end up charging it) can lead to extremely fast times.

Hyper monsters are basically the same as normal ones, they just don't tire out and they have more health, as well as more damaging attacks. The only 'new' thing about them offensively is that they'll do a series of hyper-charged attacks in quick succession, but every hyper attack they do has an extremely telegraphed animation as well as a distinctive sound that can literally make some of the fights trivial if you're good at evading or using adept style.
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User Info: EagleEye

1 year ago#10
Just max out your weapon with hyper parts before soloing these quests (edit: Just realized you have that). Same with the armor - maybe invest a hand full of heavy spheres - and you shouldn't have too much trouble.
You could also spar with hr Plessy until you're comfortable with him.
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