What are some good GS's outside of Tigrex and Narga?

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User Info: John_Dory

1 year ago#1
Mainly just for looks/fun, breaking out of the Tigrex/Narga GS cookie cutters.

I heard that the Ashen Array and Cataclysm Blade are both quite good, any others?
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User Info: laughingmeds

1 year ago#2
Hellblade and Grimclaw, Seregios might be good -> haven't checked the stats
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User Info: Jeannie13

1 year ago#3
Mizutsune looks cool.
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User Info: Biefstukje

1 year ago#4
Hellblade and the Seditious Cleaver are good runner-ups
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User Info: KJ1jam

1 year ago#5
The Astral Leo looks pretty cool. You can upgrade it from the Nakarkos Great Sword. It has a very long blue sharpness bar. It's not as strong as other Great Swords, but it's still nice.

User Info: holysquid

1 year ago#6
I use the Blade of Talos. Cool name and a cool look.
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User Info: Kaeporo

1 year ago#7
Standard Tigrex GS has 436 damage on draw attacks (F/CD/CB).

422: Millstone Bereaver (F/CD/S+2) or (F/CD/CB)
422 + 16w: Heavenly Sunshine (F/CD/S+2)
420 + 30b: Ashen Array (F/CD/CB)
408 + 20d: Infernal Greatsword (F/CD/S+2)
407 + 24w: Cataclysm Blade (F/CD/S+1)
401: Dark of Night (F/CE/WE/CB)

Honestly, the only real contenders are the Ashen Array and Dark of Night (which are arguably better). As long as you end up above 400 AR you shouldn't notice a huge difference unless you're speedrunning - in which case, "embrace the meta".
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User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

1 year ago#8
Think about it this way:

Impudent Cheda has 190 raw and 10% and one slot. White Sharpness.
Sieglinde has 210 raw, 28 Poison and 0 Affinity and 2 slots. Blue Sharpness

After Sharpness, these have basically the same raw (might be 1 or 2 off, raw is 251-252).

Then you factor in Crit Draw (if you're running that) which makes Impudent Cheda's Affinity worthless.
It also has one less slot and Sieglinde has 28 Poison.

So there are a few Blue sharpness weapons that are good.

I have a:

Crit Draw
Crit Boost

My set only uses a Focus +4 ooo and is fashion.
Personally using Sieglinde.
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User Info: thesauce1234

1 year ago#9
Seregios is good still. Thanks to the Sharpness recovery after a certain number of Dodges you can keep white up all hunt using all Styles
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User Info: Pyrohamster

1 year ago#10
I remember Seregios GS being used for some 140 Brachydios speedrun back in 4U, it was probably beaten by something else but the cool thing was that the guy kept Purple sharpness the whole hunt because of the rolling mechanic.
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