Think of any armor set in the game.

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  3. Think of any armor set in the game.

User Info: Mortoast

1 year ago#11
Silverwind Nargacuga. >:3
I love my fluffy dragon <3
"Excellence is not an art, its pure habit. We are what we repeatedly do." - The Edge

User Info: anggaradifan

1 year ago#12
Bathrobe set. LOL

User Info: Gubbey

1 year ago#13
Death Stench. Yes plz
these are my jam

User Info: Nazdrovie

1 year ago#14
anggaradifan posted...
Bathrobe set. LOL

And no one will think it's weird... Lucky >:T
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If you see me, I'm just procrastinating. Make me stop ;-;

User Info: 17Master

1 year ago#15
Storge S Gunner with the Blademaster Head piece. I am totally okay with this. Not like many people will realize I am wearing women's clothes, and the ones that do will probably be too busy respecting the fact that I look like I killed twelve Shagaru Magalas.

User Info: Part64_

1 year ago#16
Moofah Set

At least I'm warm
PSN: Part64_ ; GT: UxBxCxMxFLT
giant but hole

User Info: dancer62

1 year ago#17
Seltas. Uggg! What good is Hero's Shield if I'm ashamed to show myself in public?
If ballet was easy, it would be pointe-less

User Info: Hypnosister

1 year ago#18

i'm male
lol pendulums

User Info: John_Dory

1 year ago#19

I'd look f***ing badass but the pieces aren't machine washable. :/

Do we get the skills? It'd be interesting to be able to demolish a plate of food in seconds, and easily break people's arms in a fight. That being said, I'll also be deaf.
3DS FC: 1461 - 6910 - 3355 Donny B
MHG | Name: Donny B | Rank: HR1 (Haven't started online)

User Info: _Angel_

1 year ago#20

my fashion set that is 3/5 nark, 1/5 damascus, and Barrage earring

lmao, I can dig it. Being fancily over-dressed will be my biggest concern.
MH4U IGN - Angel, HR 999. MHGen IGN - ~Angel~, HR 130, GL/GS/HBG. Officer of The Apex Predators.
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  3. Think of any armor set in the game.

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