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User Info: TrueIzaya

2 years ago#1
So I may have been seeing things. But it was late. I dunno. The game lets you put 60 cards in your deck right? Because that's always been the max. 60 max and 40 is the min.

User Info: Funny2never

2 years ago#2
Yes. However 60 has not always been the max, there was a point when it was unlimited. Apparently there was some guy that had like a 200 card deck and it just took forever to go through, it could potentially fall over and all sorts of other issues so they introduced a maximum card cap, or so I've heard is the reason it was introduced
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User Info: Moonlit_DeathX

2 years ago#3
When I just started playing many years ago I had one deck that had almost 200 cards too lol, but only used it for fun with friends and such, and it was hard just to shuffle it, but after you learn how to make decks and how the game works and such, you realize how terrible that is to get the cards you need. Some of the older games like on gba let you use a 99 card deck, but yeah pretty much all the games from the last several years let you only use decks between 40 and 60 cards. The hardest thing for me is the only 15 card extra deck limit though, since I love Synchro cards and wish you could use a bit more like even 20 or so.

User Info: Famicom_Guy

2 years ago#4
A 200 card deck? Imagine how amazing a mill you get from That Grass Is Greener, which sadly is not in this game, but you'd have to be lucky enough to draw one and you'd may need to run Left Arm Offering too.
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User Info: t_EphY

2 years ago#5
200-card decks would make tournament deck checks take forever
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User Info: Gargore

2 years ago#6
t_EphY posted...
200-card decks would make tournament deck checks take forever

No, there was an actual rule for deck size in the original tournaments. You had to be able to shuffle without separating parts of the deck to play it. Also since they have to have sleeves if the deck couldn't stay up the player was disqualified. I remember this rule cause I have a friend who used a 90 card deck and he was no allowed to enter cause he had to shuffle his deck in two parts.
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