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User Info: Zachattack427

5 years ago#1
I went to go to play now, and it's been stuck forever. Any ideas whats the problem?

User Info: iUnR3aLz

5 years ago#2
Same... the problem is apparently we bought a s***ty game.

User Info: McPeguin

5 years ago#3
Its server maintanence.
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User Info: mistermet68

5 years ago#4
Is there an announcement about server maintenance somewhere..been trying to play for iver an hour.. never even started yet?

User Info: mistermet68

5 years ago#5
Just an fyi.. i hard reset my xbox and tried again and got on..not sure if ot was coincidental

User Info: Chargrilled

5 years ago#6
They do announce ingame if they are going to do server maintenance, but its usually only 30mins before they do so

Server outtages are quite common

Ea servers just arent up to the task of always online games
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User Info: enviidisnucca

5 years ago#7
Iam havin the same problem just stays at the controller screen loading this sucks i have to hard reset the xbox anytime i wanna play this game if i knew this i wouldnt have bought this game

User Info: The_Big_Deek

5 years ago#8
any way to fix this? should i return the game or is it the servers fault?
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