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can I have my private troops support another force in battle?VandalCrown510/31 7:26AM
Paladin & War Demon should be switched and officer stats.Sun Xiao29/23 3:55PM
what steps you take to gather private troops to take over and rule ?xenosaga12379/22 6:28PM
Which is the best Romance of the three kingdoms games?TasteKnuckles79/15 2:21AM
Have anyone figured out for Pop and Upgraded tech ?.Sun Xiao29/11 2:13AM
Anyway to make married female officers single again?DuFuq87/23 7:27PM
The Legacy of Yun Ling. An original story with edited events.Tsun3317/11 6:56PM
completed RTK XIII first time! so EMOTIONAL !!xenosaga12386/7 6:42AM
how does population and fealty affect troop increase as ruler ?xenosaga12334/19 3:13PM
Moving gold from officer to townBminions54/17 5:52AM
Pregnant spouse was captured in battle, but we won. And yet...Storm Shadow33/23 1:39AM
can a trader become a lone wolf again? join a new force?xenosaga12323/15 6:31PM
what is the easiest way to find a ruler of a force / faction ?xenosaga12343/14 4:14PM
search using words "Fame and Strategy" for bundle on PSN Storexenosaga12323/10 11:44AM
New to the game got questions
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ]
Clementee812/9 4:20PM
Playing as Shi Xie in Guan Du scenarioFlyrone61/17 6:32PM
Help with Hero ModeRPGamefan912/17 6:13AM
Can you do all CPU control?BabaBzaa511/25/2019
Different play styleslongkerry311/20/2019
Coalitions -_-MedeaLysistrata1011/17/2019
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